CodeBlue: Innovative Virtual Claims Solutions Enabling Carriers to Efficiently Manage Water Losses

Paul J.Gross, CodeBluePaul J.Gross
In the U.S., when it comes to property damage caused by water-related issues, broken water pipes rank second to hurricanes in terms of both the number of homes affected and the number of insurance claims submitted. Amid a prevailing shortage of labor, and an aging adjuster workforce, insurance firms strive to replenish this talent gap in order to provide a superior policyholder experience during their time of need. Through its combination of technology and subject matter expertise, a company called CodeBlue has come up with a unique virtual claims solution for insurance companies, homeowners, and contractors leveraging technology to get a science-based outcome. CodeBlue, a leading provider of end-to-end property claims management products, is a third party administrator that is sought for its water mitigation prowess.

In the event of residential and commercial water damage, policyholders are faced with structural repairs, prevention of mold, replacement of furniture and appliances, as well as finding temporary housing. While these expenses are typically covered by insurance, the aforementioned scarcity of efficient adjusters—who inspect the property and develop a recovery plan—slows down the process. This is where CodeBlue comes in; the company ensures the fastest, most efficient, and least disruptive way to get the loss site to pre-loss condition. By using a scientific 27-point algorithm to identify the best contractor available, that is preconditioned to collaborate with the policyholder and the insurer, CodeBlue delivers the best service and desired outcome every time. This brings accountability to the process, accuracy to the data elements, and a better outcome for policyholders, insurers, and contractors.

CodeBlue proactively manages policyholder claims on behalf of its insurance partners.

CodeBlue’s solutions are currently adopted by three of the top ten insurance companies and yield the best cost and service outcome, through innovative technology and mobile solutions

By fielding millions of calls annually through three command centers, CodeBlue immediately connects the policyholder to the right contractor 24/7/365. CodeBlue’s 360 solution utilizes scientific instruments and virtual assets to instantly document the exact condition of the loss and to understand the cause and extent of the damage. CodeBlue actively manages claims internally from their command centers and externally using their own W2 field workforce. This combination maximizes the efficiency of the insurance adjuster, relieving the adjuster from the need to be personally onsite, making them better able to handle more claims or high impact claims. CodeBlue has created a labor strategy to assist insurers with oversite and claim management while providing meticulous documentation ensuring unrivalled accuracy and accountability.

Further, the company conducts an electronic quality assurance audit on every claim and holds contractors accountable to the IICRC industry standards. Even when a non-network contractor is hired by the policyholder, CodeBlue’s desk-review teams audit the claim to ensure the standards are met and the right outcome is achieved. Accuracy deviations average 23 percent in these cases and are important to identify to the insurance community.

CodeBlue’s solutions are currently adopted by three of the top ten insurance companies and yield the best cost and service outcome, through innovative technology and mobile solutions. Their teams work toward avoiding unnecessary demolition, which reduces expensive replacement of costly structural materials and collateral damage. CodeBlue’s effective management techniques deliver better policyholder experience, which results in improved customer satisfaction. Be it for contents, managed repair, or water losses, CodeBlue takes a scientific approach to property claims management bringing to its clients accountability and accuracy with innovative technological solutions.