EnableSoft: Accelerating the Speed of Business

Richard Milam, CEO, EnableSoftRichard Milam, CEO
Every company’s dream is to accelerate the speed at which they do business. “Accelerate the speed of business” means different things for different people. For some, it could mean increasing employee efficiency, allowing them to complete more tasks in the time allotted. For others it might be creating tools that remove the possibility for human error, allowing business to work more quickly and accurately. For some, it might even be automating routine processes, freeing an employee to do more complex, rewarding work.

Whatever your reasons for accelerating your speed of business, Foxtrot by EnableSoft is the tool companies use when they want to put their foot on the gas and grow quickly. Foxtrot is scalable Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software created by EnableSoft that equips you to quickly implement automation into your business and rapidly realize the ROI. The software will be an effective tool for insurers who are under pressure to reduce administrative costs and protect medical loss that is associated with manual labor and processes. Foxtrot automates claims processing, adjudication, and decision processing, freeing employees to focus on things that matter the most.

The insurance employees use Foxtrot to automate business processes by creating a series of steps, or scripts. They just need to drag and drop the target over any field, button, object, or text inside the application that needs to be automated. The software presents the employees with a clear list of actions—click, copy, paste, highlight and more—to be used in their script to automate the process. Foxtrot has built-in intelligence and error-handling capacities to help it overcome virtually any problem that it encounters. It handles logins and passwords, pop-ups, and on-screen errors with ease and also alerts the employees via email or text if it encounters a problem.

Foxtrot by EnableSoft comes in three varieties—Foxtrot Enterprise, Foxtrot Professional, and Foxtrot Desktop.

Through Foxtrot, EnableSoft empowers individuals to conquer their data-related challenges today, and become efficiency heroes in their organizations

Foxtrot Enterprise, apart from automating green screen application, is capable of automating tasks in intranet environment like Microsoft SharePoint, supporting an unlimited number of users, and automating FTP uploads, regression testing, and other complex processes. Foxtrot Professional, on the other hand, can automate virtually any Windows-based application, web tasks, and processes in one, three or an unlimited number of websites, quickly learn and write scripts with drag and drop ease, fully leverage CRM, accounting or human resource management platforms. And Foxtrot Desktop replaces macros and other clumsy programs with a unified yet granular solution, hence eliminating manual data entry and maintenance. The trio individually or integrated with existing processes empowers healthcare organizations with a powerful tool that takes care of medical claims processing through automation.

A general perception that engulfs the mindset of most people is ‘automation will eliminate human jobs.’ However, Richard Milam, CEO of EnableSoft, believes that it will empower organizations with a powerful tool, which will help them grow. And as organizations grow, they will generate more employment. “The primary objective of our company is to enable organizations with automation solutions that can make claims processing uber efficient,” adds Milam.

In one instance, a Philadelphia-based medical claims processing company had 80 percent of their workflow automated. And the processes handled by humans divulged processing errors and were causing many problems. After leveraging automation through Foxtrot, the firm was assuaged of these worries, which in turn enhanced its productivity.

As an early innovator in the RPA space, EnableSoft has helped many organizations to grow their businesses and achieve greater operational efficiency since 1995. “Through Foxtrot, EnableSoft empowers individuals to conquer their data-related challenges today, and become efficiency heroes in their organizations,” concludes Milam.