KENDAXA: Powering Data-Led Digital Evolution Across Europe

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Christopher Blaschke, Managing Director and Founder, KENDAXAChristopher Blaschke, Managing Director and Founder
There is no getting away from the fact that the future is digital. While Asia and the U.S. race ahead in terms of adopting new-age technologies and digital transformation, Europe, unfortunately, has been caught up in a bind—deficit of innovation. “European companies often are hesitant to take the leap of faith and adopt innovative technology, and that is what we have taken up as a mission at KENDAXA,” says Christopher Blaschke, managing director and founder, KENDAXA. An AI-powered data and process lifecycle management company, KENDAXA is keen on changing the game for Europe’s innovation-starved market. By leveraging neural networks, deep learning, and smart data, the firm’s AI-based platform “KX-DI” enables data aggregation and data profiling as well as digitalisation and automation of corporate processes.

In a market landscape where every other organisation speaks about the potential of data facilitating easier and smart decision-making processes, only a handful have been able to put the data to actual business use. KENDAXA understands that data is the resource for digital evolution and has thus built its KX-DI solution to empower data and create a “thinking network” for business environments. Encompassing the entire data lifecycle, the cloud-based platform does pre-processing or cleansing of data, data import, system integration, data processing, delivery automation, and data storage. KX-DI is designed for organisations in the retail, automotive, telecommunications, engineering, insurance and travel sectors, and aids in process optimisation, profit increase, human resource management, and marketing functions.

KENDAXA holds a larger share in the financial industry and has adopted a model that draws learning and knowledge from various industries.

By leveraging neural networks, deep learning, and smart data, the firm’s AI-based platform “KX-DI” enables data aggregation and data profiling as well as digitalisation and automation of corporate processes

“We strive to bring in a multidimensional approach where we can leverage a retail profiling algorithm to bring useful information for the insurance industry or derive business logic from the industrial sector to be used for insurance brokers,” explains Blaschke.

While powering automation across organisations effectively, KENDAXA envisions delivering solutions that can bring about a lasting impact on a client’s business model and beyond the particular use case. They focus on tying in different aspects together in order to drive a consistent work flow. This approach not only offers visibility into the multidimensional dependencies and relations between various data points but also brings forth a complete perspective on the business case and the customer’s lifecycle. To deal with the challenge of mathematical impossibilities owing to the presence of billions of data sets, KENDAXA is building models and algorithms, especially in the field of vector-oriented mathematics. “We are striving to come up with algorithms that have accuracy rates higher than 99.7 percent,” adds Blaschke.

The financial sector is often bogged down with legacy infrastructure, which makes people sceptical about implementing disruptive technologies and moving toward digital transformation. Designed to counter this, an entire section of KX-DI is focused on covering connections to legacy environments and facilitating digital projects or use cases with algorithms retrofitted on top of it. Simply put, the platform allows data to be ported to virtual digital layers, and new business cases or algorithms to be added on top of those digital layers.

In the years to come, KENDAXA is looking at strengthening its stake in the financial services industry by increasing and enhancing the functionality of services for banks and insurance companies. While establishing themselves globally is on the cards for KENDAXA, expansion throughout Europe will be the first step toward it.

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Leipzig, Deutschland

Christopher Blaschke, Managing Director and Founder

Data are the resource for digital evolution; KENDAXA puts them to use. The corporate group achieves that as a fast-growing partner for AI-based data aggregation and data profiling as well as digitisation and automation of corporate processes, using neural networks, deep learning and smart data. Based on the continuously growing service portfolio, additional intelligent applications gradually emerge, encompassed within KENDAXA’s platform [KX-DI]. Generally, KENDAXA’s products and services are cloud-based, they can be easily connected to current client systems and seamlessly integrated into core corporate systems