Marsh ClearSight: Streamlining End-to-End Claims Processes

Janet Dell, CEO, Marsh ClearSightJanet Dell, CEO
The job of an insurance adjuster is more tedious with the rising volume of claims, high level of customer expectations, fraudulent instances, and the paper-based processes that are used to handle them. This often results in inaccurate claim data, missing claim information, and physically exchanging claim files between departments which results in wasted time and resources. The longer the claim lingers, the more expensive it gets. Also, lack of information transparency between insurers and claimants mar the customer experience. With automated processes, advanced analytics, and convenient tracking, Marsh ClearSight, a Chicago based company helps claim organizations resolve even the most complex claims quickly, easily, and transparently—which keeps costs down and profits up.

Marsh ClearSight offers an end-to-end cloud platform that streamlines the claims process—from initial submission through final settlement. The platform captures complete and accurate information quickly with intuitive mobile forms, real-time access to data, and instant data validation. It puts everything the adjuster needs right at his fingertips by seamlessly integrating people, systems, and claims data from multiple sources. The platform automatically manages tasks and generates follow-up responsibilities based on claim events, workflows, and best-practice rules—with built-in flexibility to conform to the way adjuster works. “Its advanced reporting and analytics capabilities help organizations track both individual adjuster performance and overall claims-handling efficiency to make sure things move along smoothly,” says Deepak Varshney, SVP Product Management, Marsh ClearSight.

Marsh ClearSight’s Claim Administration solution electronically houses all claim files and legal documents—including invoices and checks— for easy search and retrieval. It completes and sends complex electronic filings for First Report of Injury (FROI) and Subsequent Report of Injury (SROI) to keep organizations compliant with state workers’ compensation requirements.

Karen Rutledge, Product Liaison and Deepak Varshney, SVP, Product Management, Marsh ClearSightKaren Rutledge, Product Liaison and Deepak Varshney, SVP, Product Management

Adding further credence to the platform is Marsh ClearSight’s Business Intelligence (BI) reporting and analytics tools that help organizations uncover decision-ready insights from their risk, claims and safety data without the limitations of traditional reporting. In addition, the platform can consolidate claims data from all carriers and third party vendors into a single location so adjusters remain in one platform to perform their everyday functions. “Marsh ClearSight’s data and analytics tools help build stronger relationships with stakeholders and obtain a complete risk picture, resulting in faster claim payments, reduced errors, and lowered overall risk,” remarks Karen Rutledge, Product Liaison, Marsh ClearSight.

Marsh ClearSight has designed its platform specifically for organizations that manage their own claims or manage claims on behalf of others. Organizations can view claims from any insurance line both individually and collectively for the clearest picture of their financial exposure at every level. In an instance, Marsh ClearSight assisted a customer who needed to manage different lines of coverage of claims into one single event. Marsh ClearSight was able to demonstrate to their customer that the claims could be managed individually and collectively within one event to allow individual claim handling activities as well as the overall event claim handling, which gave the customer a clearer line of sight into the overall financial picture of one event.

Being one of the prolific market leaders in the insurance space for over five decades, Marsh ClearSight will remain focused on quantifying the value that they bring to the customer. “While many things have changed over the years, our goal has always remained clear: to simplify the job of managing risk, claims, and safety,” concludes Janet Dell, CEO, Marsh ClearSight.