Advanced Collaborative Platforms Modernize Ways to Speed Up, View and Share Content Effortlessly, Here's How!

Insurance CIO Outlook | Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Integrated visual collaboration platforms offer organizations to view content or track projects, regardless of their location.

FREMONT, CA: A visual collaboration platform, Bluescape launches its latest mobile application with the ability of immediate access by the users for high-speed content sharing and reviewing. Bluescape’s secure collaborative virtual workspaces help the clients by delivering unified content and conversations in a shared, persistent space, which can be accessed from any device and any location. The new mobile application allows Bluescape workspaces to access easily from mobile phones and tablets. The workspace provides the users with immediate connectivity with their colleague, to view and share content, and work together more efficiently.

Bluescape’s new mobile application can quickly be launched from mobile to a large format touch screen to begin professional collaborations. The touch-swipe-send makes the job easy while traveling or running to-and-from meetings. The full-time availability and access to relevant information, and simple workflow speed up the work process. The company’s mobile application features workspaces with all-time availability to content access, faster content search, view and share, and quick access of sessions from mobile app to large format touch screens.

The new updates in the application come with the extended power and availability of Bluescape across connected devices, laptops, and interactive touch screens. Collaboration with a Digital Visual Container (DVC), integrates with the everyday applications, content, and tools, allowing the users to work seamlessly and effectively. Clients can easily download their app easily and sync their work system with Bluescape Enterprise solution. 

Founded in 2012, Bluescape helps enhance creative and productive experiences with its visual collaboration platform. Enabling the clients to efficiently work and share multiple applications, documents, and web content, Bluescape provides a secure digital visible container. The company helps people to update content in meetings and applications to streamline and automate the task across while viewing entire projects across a persistent timeline. The open SaaS platform integrates with leading UC systems, communications, and content management and collaborates with applications through large-screen displays, laptops, and mobile devices.  

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