AgentSync introduces AutoPilot

Insurance CIO Outlook | Thursday, January 01, 1970

AutoPilot transforms insurance licensing services by combining cutting-edge technology, deep experience, and personalized service, enabling agencies and carriers to expand.

Fremont, CA: InsurTech startups will gain access to larger client bases, capital, and subject expertise, and traditional insurers will benefit from faster outcomes in building a digital culture. It will give birth to new business models and income sources, resulting in increased profitability and lower operating expenses. Value-added services will improve the customer experience.

Traditional handling of the licensing or appointing procedure for agencies or carriers is extremely time-consuming, complex, hazardous, expensive and prone to human error. With AutoPilot, agencies and carriers can rely on AgentSync to handle the onboarding process and adopt a risk-free approach to compliance by leveraging the finest technology available:

•   Quick and simple onboarding - Onboard producers on an average day, allowing producers to write business faster and establish a reputation as one of the simplest carriers to work with. AutoPilot also facilitates offboarding so that when the time comes to part ways, the process is as simple as possible.

•   Growth Partners - AutoPilot is the licensing and compliance management partner. Customers using AutoPilot may expect a response from a specialized team of regulatory specialists within hours, not days or weeks.

•   Risk-free assurance - Accuracy is assured due to AgentSync's everlasting faith in its people and technology. If AgentSync makes a mistake, it is responsible for the consequences.

•   Industry's best pricing - Running on the AgentSync Manage implies that automation and efficiency enable the most cost-effective and cost-transparent option on the market.

•   Data you can rely on - Easy access to advanced reporting, data analysis, and visualizations means executive visibility and business planning have never been easier.

•   AutoPilot's Just-In-Time appointment function can help carriers save money by deferring appointments until an agent writes business in a state.

AutoPilot, a first-of-its-kind technology-powered solution designed to serve agencies and carriers focused on quick expansion, was launched today by AgentSync, providing modern tools and infrastructure to power the insurance industry. AutoPilot combines AgentSync Manage, the industry's most advanced producer management, licensing, onboarding, and compliance product, with a teams of dedicated licensing and compliance experts providing high-touch, rapid-response compliance service personalized for each carrier or agency's specific growth needs.

"Gone are the days of clunky, outdated Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that work off of tedious, manual spreadsheets and take days or weeks to respond. AutoPilot raises the bar for tech-forward licensing and compliance support services," said Niji Sabharwal, co-founder, and CEO of AgentSync. "AutoPilot runs on our best-in-class technology, and we've done the hard work of recruiting and training experts who understand the regulatory nuances of licensing, distribution, and compliance across all states. Our pricing model sets a new industry standard for transparency and value," concluded he.

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