AI-Backed Insurers: The Next Policy and Claim Managers!

By Insurance CIO Outlook | Monday, July 08, 2019

 Claim Managers!Insurance companies are now readily incorporating AI applications in their daily workflows.

FREMONT CA: Introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proved to be the best investment for numerous organizations from different industries. The insurance industry can gain a long list of benefits by implementing AI applications into their typical work system. The biggest challenge for the Insurance sector is the rapid growth of the database, be it the client queries or the claim list. The industry is both data and time intensive, which AI can effectively cater to.

AI provides a perfect data foundation to reduce the time taken to access customers’ information and proceed to the document verification process for their claim. AI can identify the data patterns to validate any fraudulent cases and reduce the time consumption on evaluation and decision-making. For an insurance company, the AI can emerge the machine-learning process to improve future outcomes in terms of sales and marketing. Eliminating the traditional guesswork when it comes to decision-making, the results can become more accurate and consistent. The less experienced professional can work based on reports and guides provided by AI. The practice offers a better training system for employees and enhances their performance. As AI uses historical data to improve information insights, the future forgery can also be identified more accurately compared to the human workforce.

AI can bridge the gaps between the submission time and the action taken by the claim departments. By creating a ranking system, pulling data accordingly, and shot listing the deserving cases within a minimum period, the technology builds a positive reputation which directly increases the numbers of new consumers and sales revenue. Interestingly, some insurance companies have implemented AI-powered chatbots to deliver efficient customer service. The chatbots based on AI automatically provide information, suggest services of the organizations, and facilitate a purchase as well. Automating the manual work, AI pursues higher value task and cultivates deeper relationships with the consumers too.

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