Are Modern Insurtech Solutions Tailored for the Present European Market?

By Insurance CIO Outlook | Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Insurtech solutions prove to transform the European insurance sector by addressing the challenges of regional and linguistic diversity across Europe.

FREMONT, CA: By taking advantage of emerging technologies, modern insurers try to achieve long-term business success in the insurance sector. The European market, like no other, provides different types of insurance policies tailored to the specific needs of different individuals or businesses. Tech-driven insurers understand the importance of three factors in the insurance business, which are distribution, liability, and investment management. Utilising the insurtech simplifies the complex insurance processes by automating claim settlements, analysing in-depth data, precisely evaluating documents, and tracking payments. 

As the European market includes diverse locations, numerous types of business, and insurance requirements, insurers look for futuristic insurtech tools and applications for deployment. Emerging technologies have increased the expectations of customers for digital insurance processes. European insurance companies invest in insurtech solutions to bring transformations in their traditional insurance operations.

With the introduction of cloud-based platforms, the European companies can expand their customer reach across the continent and even the globe. A cloud-based insurance platform allows the insurers to seamlessly communicate and collect in-depth data of the customers and study different insurance demands. The integration of AI features allows insurers to customise the insurance policies and offerings, while the cloud-based features let the professionals maintain various regulations in different European regions. The Internet of Things (IoT) and telematics experience rapid adoption across the European market, which helps the insurers boost their investigation process for complicated claim cases. IoT devices and telematics dramatically increase the information base for insurers to perform in-depth analysis and detect investment risk factors.



Today, the majority of insurtech solutions depend on digital customer interfaces to increase sales and services. AI-based insurance platforms help insurance providers reach a broader range of customer base, as the smart interface can quickly provide multi-lingual facilities according to the European customers' language preference. Adopting insurtech solutions has helped many European businesses to revolutionise their existing business operations while continuing to guide insurers on exploring new business opportunities.

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