Big Data is now Insurers' Friend too

By Insurance CIO Outlook | Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Big data is a wing of technology that provides a gamut of solutions to understand, analyze and systematically handle huge data chunks to extract effective facts out of them. Evolution of Big Data has been catering to a wide range of data processing applications. As some of the top-notch companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo and more, face data acquisition and aggregation challenges, they have embraced the initial set of big data concepts.

Now, the tools and software products, which are based out of big data, are slowly revolutionizing the insurance industries. P&C, Health, and Life insurance sectors have an awaited opportunity to obtain several benefits from big data to optimize their business models. 

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The upgraded tech applications on data and information ecosystem provide a range of efficient solutions to the insurers. This further helps the organizations reach the customers in a customized and responsive manner. Some of the big data solutions, which are specific to the insurance industries, have come with advanced services such as detection of fraudulent actions, organize data and information in a systematic stack and store format, detect duplicate values and filter them automatically in order to get rid of redundancy, and prompt actions elements to be taken on data after analyzing their values. Big data has started to cater to the initial set of challenges faced by the insurers. Moving forward, technology would underpin services and solutions to the minutest problem faced by the industry.

However, the benefits of big data can be utilized to the fullest if the insurers jump off the boundary of traditional technology and other such limitations. As the insure-tech revolution demands critical and advanced analytical and data structuring tools, big data is walking towards serving such vital needs of the industry. All in all, it’s good to see that big data has brought some specialized services for the insurance industries.            

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