Bolstering App Security with New SaaS Solutions

By Insurance CIO Outlook | Thursday, August 22, 2019

Making apps that are cyber attack-proof is now a simple single-step process with service providers offering efficient solutions.

FREMONT, CA: Irdeto, a leading digital security service provider, recognizes that the era of digitalization is making digital security an integral aspect of apps and has thus, launched Trusted Software. The new service offers features that make iOS and Android apps highly secure and reduce their vulnerabilities towards cyber attacks that have been posing as a big challenge.

The exponential rise in the use of digital technologies which implement superior connectivity and excellent network capabilities have opened up many opportunities for innovations. However, these have also led to a rise in instances of cyber attacks, leading to a breach of sensitive personal data and financial losses. According to a survey by Irdeto, 80 percent of organizations in transport, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors have experienced some security threats in 12 months. Irdeto’s Trusted Software provides expert level protection to apps by helping fix codes in the apps that might expose it to cyber-attacks and threats. 

Once developers are done developing the apps, Irdeto takes the app, analyzes it, fixes the security issues, and returns it as a better-protected one which can be directly posted on app-stores. Organizations that develop the apps do not have to deploy their resources towards optimizing the security. This approach eliminates the needs for investing in hiring skilled professionals who are essential for cybersecurity capabilities in every app. Thus, using Trusted Software, companies can ensure safe apps with lesser costs and greater flexibility.

Trusted Software uses machine learning engine to examine and detect the critical codes in every app. Subsequently, it develops a directly applicable solution that can fortify an app against cybersecurity events. In addition to the other services from Irdeto, this new SaaS offering can help developers achieve comprehensive and quick security.

Irdeto is a leading service provider that has been empowering firms and application developers to create products that can withstand security risks. The ready-to-use solutions are innovative in nature and are widely applicable. The company has delivered value to a diverse set of partners from across industries.

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