Cloud-based Insurance Software Committing Excellent Insurance Product Services

Insurance CIO Outlook | Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Michael DeGusta, CEO

The modern insurance technology can bridge the gaps between the insurance solution providers and the insurance policyholders.

FREMONT, CA: ClarionDoor, a cloud-based insurance provider, successfully implements its CD Rating and CD Quoting Portals for a Managing General Agent (MGA), Unicorn Underwriting Limited, for property owner insurance products. The existing insurance products provide market-leading coverage for a wide range of insured through retail brokers. The launched program enables the reliability of insurance-ready CD Rating and CD Quoting Portal solutions.  

The digital distribution suite of specialty Rating and Quoting Portals easily integrates with the existing core administration, empowering the insurers to speed up with the present market requirement and reduces the solution’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) simultaneously. The successful implementations of the suite since its launch establish a monthly subscription model for the industry which includes charges by volume, premium versions or transactions for cost predictability.

ClarionDoors Digital Distribution Suite offers a complete solution for insurance product distributions anywhere, anytime through any channel. The active and flexible distribution facility helps the customers to manage and access the required products effectively. “The challenges insurers have with traditional solution providers are well-known, and that is part of the reason we started from scratch not just in our solution and workflow design, but also in reimagining what the insurer-solution provider relationship should look like,” explains Michael DeGusta, CEO of ClarionDoor.

ClarionDoor’s cloud-optimized solutions eliminate the need for any additional infrastructure to manage the suite, with zero downtime on product upgradation and provide a simple user interface for the insurers. The company’s rapid development and innovative cloud solutions led to its ranking among the Top 10 Insurtech Startups by Insurance CIO Outlook. “Our growth is a testament to the work we have put into our products and dedication to our clients. We are not sitting still, and we are excited about the new innovations yet to come on our roadmap,” shares DeGusta.      

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