Cloud-Based Marketing Tools Offering Operational Benefits to Master Agency Networks

By Insurance CIO Outlook | Friday, August 09, 2019

Innovative marketing services and products help the property and casualty insurance agencies to reduce operational cost and increase productivity.

FREMONT, CA: Convey Services launches Technology Marketplace, the latest referral service for property and casualty insurance agencies. Technology Marketplace acquires and leverages technology to reduce cost and increase operational efficiency by taking advantages of cloud-based solutions and products. The solution is available to the members of Convey property and insurance portals. Convey Services focuses on portal technology for the industries with indirect sales channels. Convey’s portal networks deliver efficient solutions for the organizations to create content, training, and marketing in a centralized site.  

Technology Marketplace, an educational catalog is available on insurance master agency network portals. It provides contents to educate agency owners about the technology trends in the industry, along with the services used in the other verticals of small to medium-sized businesses. The portal features the latest technology solutions such as hosted voice, network services including failover, cybersecurity, managed services, and marketing automation. The new marketing tool helps the owners to cultivate new prospects or offer additional services to existing customers.

Convey Services facilitates services like adding member management, advanced analytics, CRM systems, and email outreach technology. The company excellently segments the portals into catalogs, allowing multiple organizations to add and manage content. It also builds a network for the telecommunication and cloud industry. An established system by Convey helps the property agencies and casualty insurance markets to engage their members for sale increase. The company aims to build a content and marketing portal to deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right audience. Convey helps to improve operational efficiencies and reduce cost by automating the process of providing information to distributed audiences. It also increases revenue generation by using promotional and marketing assets.  

Convey Services also launches unique marketing services for its portal members, allowing a centralized creation of email marketing campaigns and distributing the same to portals available in the network of portal users. The developed campaigns are available for the owner’s portal members, which includes outbound emails and sign-up page branded for each portal member. Convey portal networks help various industries to expand by focusing on delivering efficient solutions and asset to maintain connectivity across the web.  

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