Global Recapitalization Opportunities Strategizing Reinsurance

By Insurance CIO Outlook | Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The global reinsurance industry has been continually evolving, and attempts to enhance profitability continue.  

FREMONT, CA: Liberty Mutual bags a new successful transaction via the Limestone Re capital markets platform that offers property disaster management program and reinsurance capability for capital markets investors.

The transaction, therefore, enhances their strong global knowledge in security and reinsurance, market leadership, and geographic footprint, offering a wide variety reinsurance products. Insurers look for risk-free protection and over the past two centuries, reinsurance has evolved at a dramatic pace. Since then, the global reinsurance industry has become an extremely specialized financial service. Significant hazards for individuals and natural disasters are distributed around the globe to minimize potential losses for a single business.

Liberty Mutual Insurance provides underwriting, risk engineering, and claim services to assist estate carriers in managing their presumed reinsurance-based Equipment Breakdown (EB) exposures. Customizing EB programs to meet the particular requirements of the client, risk-free top-line development and bottom-line enhancement are focussed the most by lining businesses along one of the industry's most competitive commission and profit-sharing programs.

Liberty Mutual is a worldwide leader in property and casualty insurance, centered in more than 30 nations on protecting and maintaining the life and dreams of clients. The company gives an opportunity to work for increasing business productivity with a profound sense of humanity and dedication to diversity and philanthropy with more than 50,000 staff worldwide. 

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