How Insurers Usher Startups towards Success

By Insurance CIO Outlook | Thursday, January 02, 2020

A new insurance service provider is helping startups with the right insurance policies, driving them towards success.

FREMONT, CA: Vouch, an insurance company serving early-stage startups, has launched its proprietary insurance products and risk assessment tools. The company has created a platform for high growth companies that can be used easily and is entirely digital. Built by founders for founders, it's fully digitally-delivered coverage takes minutes to initiate. Everything from onboarding to claims is designed for startups. As Vouch is an insurance firm and not a broker, it actively operates with its clients to control, reduce, and bypass risks.

Vouch insurance is tailored to startups, and its coverage is also much more reasonable than typical business insurance. The premium starts at $300 per year for essential theft and litigation coverage. The company also announced that it had raised $24.5 million in Series A funding. The company is a favored provider of insurance for many banks, which covers roughly 50% of venture-backed technology and life science startups. The company knows that without proper insurance, startups cannot raise money to sign a lease or a large client. Helping startups with the right insurance, Vouch is surrounded by many budding startups.

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Vouch is an insurance company that works with startups. Because, startups take chances, and founders make a mistake, the company founders have created and backed high-growth businesses with a team of technologists and venture specialists. Being a preferred provider of insurance for the bank, Vouch has been created for startups that face the related legal, competitive, and publicity opportunities as significant, established companies. It knows that strengthening a business is arduous, but with the insurance schemes provided by the company, helps the business get reasonable, agile, and helpful resources for success. 

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