How Insurtech Start-ups are Empowering Insurance

Insurance CIO Outlook | Monday, October 21, 2019

The sweeping arm of digital transformation has catalyzed technological innovation in the insurance industry. Incumbent insurers who are eager to catch up with their competitors around customer centricity and other current trends are collaborating with insurtech start-ups to become proactive.

FREMONT, CA: In the age of digital technologies, insurers remain one of the most significant users of mainframe technology. Insurance companies understand the need to become more customer-focused, more comfortable to do business with, and more responsive to customer expectations and needs. To positively change the state of the industry in terms of innovation, insurtech start-ups are providing technological resources to fuel innovation. With incumbent tech adaptations becoming the new norm, working with start-ups will not just change the functioning of the insurance business, but its nature too. Here is how.

• Tackling the Need of the HourInsurtech Startups

Just adopting tech doesn’t guarantee success. It is always the core customer need that brings transformation, and modern need is omnichannel presence. Omnichannel experiences, along with customer-centric policies, are always the top priority of insurtech start-ups since customers need insurance on the go. Most insurtech start-ups are also focusing additionally on sales and marketing to gain customers’ attention. Facilitating seamless omnichannel strategies is no easy game, and start-ups are home-working before embarking on this journey and helping insurance firms thrive.

• Bringing in Collaboration

In a rapidly evolving insurance landscape, technological innovation can’t be a choice anymore, as it has to become a core business capability, and often, these innovations need support. Collaboration with insurtech start-ups is helping insurers come up with new policies, gain expertise, and build an information technology ecosystem at scale. With collaboration, customer journeys can be redesigned, more perspectives can be explored, and personalized expectations can be catered to, which is pretty exciting. Collaboration is a sensible way to overcome legacy constraints and to bypass internal gaps in capability. Partnering with insurtech start-ups creates opportunities that open the corporate mind — to cultural change and new ways of thinking.

• Keeping Pace with Tech Innovation

In order to remain competitive and gain an edge, insurers are looking into how they will adapt to the introduction of new technology solutions. Start-ups can earn profits from almost every link in the insurance value chain, including distribution, underwriting, claims, and customer service. Start-ups are helping firms improve customer experience, minimize fraud, and maximize transparency. With these, insurers will have the opportunity to learn and adopt new technologies that will help them respond to the evolving product and service demands from their customers. New online and app-driven solutions offered by start-ups are making it easier and more secure for customers to deal with insurance processes.

• Customization of Service

Insurtech start-ups have prompted the production of custom policies based on more comprehensive data sets. The increased amount of data in existence and various data analytics tools provided by start-ups have made it possible for insurers to take into account more data to set personalized policies. Data solutions are now leveraged by insurers to build a more comprehensive picture of an individual and set more accurate premiums. The increased ease of interaction makes happier customers.

• Skilling Up for a Digital World

With the entry of insurtech start-ups, the insurance market is in desperate need of new ways for working. Insurers need new blood to fulfill the new roles that will be the result of technological transformation. As attracting digital-age talents is challenging, insurers are seeking help from insurtech start-ups, which can provide plentiful opportunities to attract and retain emerging talent. Transformation cannot happen without significant workforce upskilling, as it requires a new approach that insurers have to achieve with technology resources offered by start-ups.

insurtech is offering more innovative and disruptive technologies making their way into space. Insurtech start-ups will inevitably force the industry to step up its game in terms of customer service and offerings. It is no longer to be the case of doing things how insurers have always been done. Investing in insurtech start-ups helps insurers drive innovation as an opportunity.  

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