How Mobile Technology Augments Insurance Risk Management

By Insurance CIO Outlook | Tuesday, August 04, 2020

There lie tremendous opportunities in optimizing risk management by leveraging the advancements in mobile technologies.   

FREMONT, CA: Insurers have today prioritized technology and are adopting digital channels to carry out business. The digital revolution has rendered the traditional channels used by the insurance industry insufficient. On the other hand, mobile technology is uncovering new and significant opportunities for insurance carriers. Apart from being favored by technology-savvy customers, mobile technology also brings a lot of benefits for insurance providers. One of the significant areas where mobile technology has displayed a lot of potential in the insurance context is that of risk management. The following list talks about how mobile technology can contribute to insurance risk management in an increasingly volatile risk landscape.

Authenticating Users through Mobile App

Today’s customers demand flexible and convenient services. While mobile technology empowers insurers to provide such services with a significant degree of ease, it also augments security measures. By incorporating multiple layers of security within insurance apps for smartphones, insurance carriers are able to optimize risk mitigation. The highly sophisticated and accurate authentication solutions that can be integrated into mobile apps make sure insurers can deploy active protection against threats.

E-Signature for Policy Processes

Top Risk Management Solution CompaniesSignatures carry a lot of value in an industry like insurance. This makes e-signature applications particularly valuable for insurers. As insurance companies enter the digital ecosystem, having e-signature facilities allows convenient capturing of legal intent through mobile apps. As a result, facilitating policy applications and administration becomes significantly risk-free. While dealing with remote customers, such capabilities contribute to efficient risk mitigation and management.

Accurate Audit Trails

Audits are crucial from the perspective of insurance risk management. Mobile technology has today empowered insurance carriers to capture detailed information by tapping into the activity logs of insurance app users. Such information allows insurance firms to enhance the quality of audits. Effective audit trails result in risk insights and subsequently make risk management better.

Thus, mobile technology goes beyond offering insurers an alternate channel for business. It adds value to risk management and empowers insurance carriers to enhance their risk thresholds.  

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