How Technology Complements Insurance Offerings

By Insurance CIO Outlook | Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Advanced insurtech solutions continue to standardize the conventional insurance operations while focusing on developing customer-influenced business models.

FREMONT, CA: In recent years, insurtech solutions have experienced massive adoption. The next-generation benefits offered by technologies motivate insurtech companies to invest more in such solutions. Technologies like AI, cloud computing, data analytics, and blockchain play a vital role in upgrading the standards of insurance offerings.

The rising competition for delivering customer-focused services and products is one of the reasons for insurtech popularity. Insurance solutions integrated with features like artificial intelligence and data analytics enable the insurers to extract valuable insights from the continuously generating customer data. Such features allow insurers to understand and predict customers' future needs for specific insurance policies. Insurtech offers the power to understand customers precisely and develop customer-focused operational infrastructure, leading the expansion of their business in the right direction.

Insurance infrastructures need to be active and efficient for maintaining regulatory and compliances that is made possible by cloud-based solutions. Cloud-influenced solutions witness high adoption across the industry. Such solutions create collaborative and highly communicative work environments. Seamless connectivity across the insurance agencies let the professionals access data from multiple sources and make data-driven decisions regarding claim processes, underwriting, and payment settlements. 

Today, the processes for investigating and making decisions for claims are highly upgraded. Intelligent insurance portal and digital platforms connected with the customers' social world tracks customer activities, lifestyle, and behavior towards insured assets. Such in-depth information helps the insurers predict the risks while calculating the best pricing during underwriting and even settling the claims in fair terms.

The evolution of insurtech promises to develop modernized digital infrastructure for the entire industry. Insurers of the present-day need to harness and invest in the precise insurtech solutions for achieving long term business growth and making a strong position in the ever-changing market.

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