Improved Analytical Web-based Tools Optimizing Data services

Insurance CIO Outlook | Friday, July 19, 2019

By evaluating data use across business lines and highlighting solutions to duplication, redundancy, and information, market data expenses can be minimized.

FREMONT, CA: 3d Innovations (3di), a software and services data management firm has launched an improved version of Profiler, a distinctive web-based analytical tool that offers intelligence on the worldwide market data sector. The upgraded vendor analysis tool provides an enhanced catalog of alternative data suppliers covering various sectors beyond financial services. This tool can derive distinctive data sets from non-traditional sources that provide the investment edge for traders, asset, and wealth managers.

Investors are now more pressured than ever to discover unique datasets that can give them an investment advantage and justify their charges. However, it is often fragmented and time-consuming to find information about alternative data providers and their services. 3di provides financial institutions with an unparalleled prospect for information services with a new alternative data module. 

With Profiler's upgraded version, 3di brings a distinctive Infobase that offers a unique and thorough insight into these services, providing critical advantages to its customers. Profiler provides in-depth information on over 800 sector suppliers and service providers and offers information exceeding 1800 data goods and related apps and techniques.

3d Innovations Ltd. is a software and services company specializing in three separate fields of information on financial services: market data, reference data, and computational data. The firm leverages its worldwide local market expertise to provide best practice data management advice to banks, brokerages, central banks, and wealth managers. 3di's practical solutions streamline the economic markets' most complicated company procedures. To minimize expenses and enhance efficiencies, this strategy is coupled with hands-on company assistance, project management, and technical execution.

3di evaluates information sourcing, distribution, and implementation at the top of the value chain, providing measures to optimize the customer's data management facilities and lifecycle.

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