Insurance Becoming more Customized with Innovative Tech Trends

Insurance CIO Outlook | Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The vision of the insurance sector is now driven by new technological developments and procedures, founding a change for better.

FREMONT, CA: Technology is dramatically influencing insurance practices. More than ever, insurers now need effective data-driven ideas to evaluate risk, lower claims, and generate value for their clients. With a constant influx of innovative products, the sector is abuzz, deriving value out of every aspect which makes up the sector. Here are a few latest insurtech trends changing the landscape to a vast extent.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Within the insurance sector, the amount of information accessible makes it a top AI candidate. There are already instances of insurers using more advanced machine learning analytics to assist their employees in fields ranging from analyzing social media to pricing and claims–and this trend will undoubtedly continue to revolutionize.


Drones deliver enormous advantages in the management of claims. In situations such as fires or floods where a claims adjuster cannot obtain immediate access, a drone can be flown over the estate to determine the magnitude of the harm. In addition to improving customer service because of the velocity at which this service can be supplied, repairs can also start much earlier.


In every industry, automation transforms offices, and insurance is just one of many to adopt the technology. The efficiencies of back-office have skyrocketed like never before, as machines are "outsourced" to all kinds of procedures.

Virtual reality (VR)

VR can transform the collection of data for underwriting as well as the settlement of claims. For instance, an insurer could use VR to create a room's three-dimensional image or in minute detail reconstruct an accident.


Over the past few years, hacks, phishing, and identity theft have been in the news, far too often, resulting in some major changes in how we think about our personal data. It follows that technology is what we will use to safeguard it in a globe where technology is used to steal data. Many of the recent computer center developments around safety need to be embraced by insurance if it wants to survive.

The insurance ideas marketplace is already a reflection of the modifications that clients want to see from their insurance suppliers, with novel insurtechs being instrumental in bridging those unmet needs and providing the consumer with positive, and distinctive insurance coverage.

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