Insurance Industry is all set to Invest in- Automation and Big Data

Insurance CIO Outlook | Thursday, February 14, 2019

As competitive pressure rises, traditional insurers are being forced to embrace innovation and advance at a rapid pace. This is because today’s tech-savvy customers expect a seamless and integrated digital experience from their respective insurers.

One can surely witness the swift pace of transformation. In this year, automation, cloud computing, agile and big data will assure insurers to streamline administration, tailor their offerings to customers and follow all the regulatory compliance. Below mentioned are a few top trends to note.

• Executive Champions

As innovations arose from traditional tech giants and insurtechs, organizations are embracing that the competitive advantages will be delivered by those who can form an innovative culture, find executive leaders to work on the new ideas and a team that can evaluate, promotes and implement that idea.

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• Automation for the rescue

Automation will assist insurers dramatically to reduce costs while providing more value which will help them to stand out in a market. Insurers can automate complex tasks like false and high-risk claims detection, underwriting and streamlining customer service interactions. For instance, an insurer can auto-enroll a customer based on the on the individual circumstances, collect and allocate premiums and thereby provide low-cost means of retirement provisions.

• The three musketeers: AI, Big Data and ML

The integration of health data from consumers to influence premium payment obligation is making its way into the life insurance sector. This data derived from using big data technology can be fetched from the external factors and will be accessed with application programming interfaces to support this plan. The carriers that will have ML and AI capabilities will have the advantage to more precisely evaluate portfolio and product risk projections based on health behavior.

• Leveraging the data

Data is the king, and therefore it is increasingly essential for examining the current processes and dig deeper to figure out the inefficiencies. This includes the reasons behind delays in creating new products, steps involved in data intake, and why are few customers abandoning the insurance application process. Insurers will have to increasingly leverage data to identify further improvements and drive improved customer experience.

This year can be a promising one for the insurers if they keep up with the changing customer demands. Adopting the smart applications of new technology will enable firms to comprehend better and satisfy customer needs and stay ahead in this growing competition.

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