Key Life Insurance Tech Trends to have an Eye on

Pamela Morgan, Insurance CIO Outlook | Friday, October 22, 2021

With the latest developments in insurance technology, it not only enables them to stay ahead of competitors in the market but also helps them to deliver the best experiences, which the customers expect in the modern market.

Fremont, CA: The advancement of technology has become a vital part of the insurance industry, from managing coverage to checking the policy status through a mobile app. With the emergence of insurance technology, it is becoming more popular within the insurance industry as companies are looking for a competitive advantage utilizing these technologies.

Here are six insurance tech trends in the life insurance industry Top 10 Insurance analytics Solution Companies - 2020

Social Media Data

The use of social media in the insurance sector is flourishing beyond advertisements and marketing strategies. Social media data improves the risk assessment for the life insurer, drives potentials of fraud detection, and allow new experience for the customers. It also helps customers to interact personally with the insurer, boosting the credibility of the insurance company.

Machine Learning

Many insurance technology trends are connected to enhance the authenticity of the insurance companies. Integrating machine learning in the insurance company can enhance the processing of claim settlement and automate it. Files that are digital and accessible from the cloud can be studied easily by implementing pre-programmed algorithms, resulting in improved accuracy and processing speed. The automated review can be implemented not just claims but also for risk assessment and policy administration.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics are used by many insurance companies to gather different data, to forecast and understand customer behavior. But there are also new ways to improve accuracy, like recognizing the risk of fraud, pricing and risk selection, and sorting claims. It can also distinguish insurance buyers at risk of cancellation, and expect new trends.


AI-based chatbots can communicate with customers easily, which saves the employees’ time and money in the insurance company. It helps customers through the application process of the policy or the process of filing a claim, allowing staff to tend to more complex cases.

A virtual assistant can communicate with customers for 24x7 through text or voice and offer solutions to queries of customers related to the life insurance policy.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence provides insurers the ability to develop personalized experiences for customers and fulfill their demands. It can help the insurance company enhance the claim settlement ratio of the company and substantially change the process of underwriting and help insurers obtain data quickly and accurately. AI enables insurers to accelerate the process of insurance and better the reliability of the company.

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