Knowledge of Risk Factors to Derive Growth Strategies

By Insurance CIO Outlook | Thursday, March 07, 2019

Every transaction involves risk factors which cannot be eradicated but can be mitigated through proper understanding and deployment of relevant measures. The insurance providers play a pivotal role in understanding the factors to offer solutions. But, the companies often dwindle among several plans and ultimately, cannot choose the better one.

Stephens Insurance, a privately owned insurance brokerage, aims at providing the businesses a better insurance plan through the proper understanding of their business objectives. The company believes in a long-term relationship with its clients to trace their changing demands and to provide appropriate and cost-effective risk management solutions including umbrella coverage, crime coverage, property liability, and workers compensation.

Stephen Insurance has declared Miles Stephens as their new CEO and president, and from 3rd June he will continue with his new role replacing Martin Rhodes who will sit on the chair of Chairman. These two experienced players will work hand-in-hand to lead this renowned company to new heights. Rhodes became a part of Stephens Insurance in 2005 and played a vital role resulting in a remarkable growth of the business.

Stephens joined the company in 2014, and since the joining date, he has been an integral part of the investment banking team with a keen focus on the important business areas like retail and energy. Previously, Stephens worked in Hotchkis and Wiley Capital Management and Lehman Brothers. It is expected that as a CEO, Stephens will be able to address the changing demands of the market to undertake suitable policies.

The company holds expertise in the field of personal insurance also and assists the clients to have proper knowledge about current and future coverage. It provides extensive coverage for the family including annuities, vehicle coverage, health insurance, personal liability coverage, and property coverage.

Stephens Healthcare Services and Life Sciences Group aims at providing necessary assistance to emerging healthcare service providers and has almost completed a transaction of $1 billion. Recently, the company has announced a partnership with Innovative Captive Strategies which was aimed at offering employers the chance to provide the employees with better health insurance in a cost-effective way. Stephens Inc. plays a definitive role in the energy sector and has started to provide investment banking service to this sector from 2009, and has already completed 65 transactions.

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