Mainstreaming Techno Efficacy with the Best-in-Class AI Advancements

By Insurance CIO Outlook | Wednesday, July 10, 2019

 AI Advancements The business world is making strides by deploying and interacting with AI systems, and the insurers are increasingly embracing these techniques.

FREMONT, CA: Insurtechs leverage the capacities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to introduce a new variety of innovative products such as immediately customizable life insurance and on-demand estate coverage. The client can obtain a higher level of contextual data and help in customization with AI. This compelling and more seamless experience offered by the insurers trumps a static experience. So, it's in line with the insurer-client demands. Insurance clients want fast, simple, and seamless omni-channel experiences.  

The truth is that insurers are fundamentally attempting to produce a human being to serve clients–powered by AI, and that involves more than just technology. They cannot be siloed functionally and need to reimagine the whole customer experience instead. This requires the creation of a living customer feedback scheme to enable insurers to understand where they meet expectations and where the experience needs to be fine-tuned. This near-real-time approach runs counter to the traditional approach to technology, where new technology is deployed and then rarely assessed for performance feedback.

But as they adopt and implement new, digital methods on scale, insurers need to be aware of how to leverage AI responsibly and transparently. Concerns about privacy loss, potential biases in decision making, and absence of control over automated systems have been raised. However, with adequate planning, supervision and governance, ethical, transparent, and responsible use of AI techniques is feasible. It is also critical for insurers to note that adopting these customer-facing operations at the back-end involves allowing and automating key capacities. Operating costs for insurers are beneficial, as AI-powered discussions that will enable customized digital interaction resolutions can decrease operating costs.

All in all, insurers who rejuvenate customer experience and drive human-machine cooperation are achieving more than 10-fold returns on their investment and could boost profitability at rocket velocity across the industry. Insurers have endless opportunities if they apply the correct mindset. 

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