New API Helping Insurance Sub-Agents

Insurance CIO Outlook | Friday, March 20, 2020

Narendra Khatri, President & CEO of Insubuy

A new REST-based GDS API is enabling sub-agents' websites to send a JSON request to get instant quotes from multiple insurance companies.

FREMONT, CA: "OmniSecure API will provide the complete flexibility to Insubuy partners in integrating travel medical insurance to their existing workflow for travel, banking, finance, or insurance products," says Narendra Khatri, President & CEO of Insubuy. Insubuy, Inc., a global insuretech company, has launched its revolutionary new OmniSecure™ API. OmniSecure is a Global Distribution System API that enables the company's sub-agents to travel, medical insurance products effortlessly from various insurance companies into their existing websites. The new API platform takes a step to offer sub-agents with ready-made, personalized white label websites with all the functionality of Insubuy's website.

"OmniSecure API is a revolutionary technology in the travel insurance market that would allow larger brokerage firms to rapidly integrate travel insurance products in their portfolio," adds Khatri. "OmniSecure API will allow Insubuy to grow rapidly with the opportunity to integrate with large partners." OmniSecure API offers advanced functionalities for more tech-savvy sub-agents, meeting the requirements of Insubuy sub-agents. OmniSecure simplifies the process of adding different insurance products for sub-agents from different insurance companies to their existing website. The new OmniSecure API eliminates the necessity for sub-agents to become familiar with and deploy each insurance company's API separately.

Insubuy, Inc. is an insurtech organization that provides a marketplace for a wide variety of international and travel insurance products. The company empowers customers to get quotes from several organizations, compare them side by side, and make an on-the-spot purchase online. Licensed, knowledgeable, and experienced agents are available for expert advice seven days a week. Insubuy ensures that its customers have access to user-intuitive designs, easy to understand information and helpful customer service to get instant quotes and comparisons, and enables the buying of international insurance instantly online or via phone.

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