New Rating Platform for Insurance Agencies is Out

Insurance CIO Outlook | Thursday, March 19, 2020

New groundbreaking and intuitive rating platform is empowering insurance agencies to serve customers better.

FREMONT, CA: A leader in performance marketplace products and technologies, QuinStreet, Inc. has unveiled the QuinStreet Rating Platform (QRP). This new platform is a groundbreaking and intuitive rating platform. This, in turn, empowers insurance agencies to provide enhanced services to customers. Created to address inabilities prevailing in the insurance market, the QRP solution enables insurance agents to maintain their entire workflow with a centralized and scalable platform. The platform enables insurance agents to pull real-time rates from major carriers, allowing them to bind policies seamlessly. QRP solution speeds up the sales process, providing customers with better and faster service.  

QRP solutions are adaptable, with the ability to connect with external-party CRM software, supporting customer acquisition, and leads. Insurance agencies can use the QRP solution to obtain a bird's-eye view of their agent's day-to-day business, individual staff activities, and longer-term goals. The new platform facilitates direct integrations with full bind experience, personalized content management, and carrier management, and real-time reporting and customizable user experience.

QRP provides a streamlined relationship for carriers with a one-stop-shop for compliance. QRP also offers profitability insights and other critical information to agents.  Carriers can respond to issues in real-time, with data alongside benefits like mitigated call handling time, personalized product pricing and media performance reports, access to segmentation data, and a single place for managing underwriting rules.   

QuinStreet is a leader in delivering online marketplace solutions to match searchers with brands in digital media. The company is committed to providing users and businesses with the knowledge and tools needed to research, find, and select the products and brands that suffice their needs. QuinStreet's industry-leading segmentation and AI-driven matching technologies help consumers find better solutions and brands faster, enabling brands to target and reach in-market customer prospects with accuracy and best performance results.

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