PPX-Tec makes patient engagement simplified with its cutting-edge app

By Insurance CIO Outlook | Thursday, February 14, 2019

Debra Griffin always perceived healthcare as a fundamental human right and her fight to obtain information regarding her treatment and diagnosis proved to be unique. Her mission to help out millions of patients with the power of data was in consonance with the new standard issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). The culmination of her vision is PPX-Tec app, a valuable resource for patient engagement.

Users can access PPX-Tec app through their smart devices that facilitate health and insurance data sharing. The app has a self-generating code mechanism to ensure security. "Sharing health data enables the patient to participate in their treatment more actively and improve their quality of life. PPX is a non-threatening, patient engagement opportunity platform to send and receive health and insurance data between patients and providers across the healthcare delivery system.

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Accessing and integrating medical history to form a comprehensive, holistic approach for care is no longer a challenge due to PPX's unique share menu and paired functioning. The PPX app is a bridge," explains Debra. PPX-Tec app is a gateway to export records as PDF, emails, print, number documents, HTML, CSV or XML. As the app is cloud-native, patients and healthcare providers can be connected with ease. Even patients in rural areas can utilize PPx-Tec app and easily avail healthcare services despite intermittent internet connectivity.

Not surprisingly, healthcare stakeholders have begun to take cognizance of the value proposition of PPX-Tec and its cutting-edge solution. Numerous clients in the health sector have engaged PPX-Tec to improve the Bluetooth piconet network within their premises to allow greater scalability between the mobile devices of patients and doctors. The seamless nature of sharing information to ensure maximum value to all has struck a chord with the stakeholders. Clearly, PPX-Tec is making rapid strides on the path of success to redefine healthcare information management. Insurance CIO Outlook has already zeroed in on PPX-Tec as, "Top 10 Insurtech Startups 2017”.

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