Premier Imaging System Elevating Claim Imaging Efficiency to Add Value to Payers

By Insurance CIO Outlook | Thursday, July 18, 2019

Paul T. Sheils, CEO

Amid the proliferation of data from multiple sources, big data and analytics are rapidly gaining traction in the dental insurance industry.

FREMONT, CA: The premier dental insights company, P&R Dental Strategies, unveils the newest version Rapid Review Imaging System™ (RRIS). The new model is set to provide—with its capture technology, image enhancement algorithm, and higher quality camera—considerable saving for organizations by elevating claim imaging efficiency. Its design allows for optimal image quality and eliminates hours of image capture. RRIS also facilitates dental consultants to review with confidence, accelerating reviewer workflow, and reducing the need to suspend claims.

“Poor quality images as part of the utilization review experience have frustrated both payers and providers alike and increased costs. The RRIS value to payers has always been its ability to digitize high-quality clinical images quickly and simply in any production environment,” remarks Michael Urbach, President of P&R Dental Strategies. “By incorporating the latest technological advances into the R7, payers are able to further optimize the utilization management experience by ensuring that poor quality images will not delay claims processing. As a result, the time and cost of utilization review is reduced and satisfies the needs of payers and providers for fast, accurate processing of claims.”

Data and analytics have found a host of applications ranging from targeted marketing and personalized products to usage-based insurance, active claims processing, proactive fraud detection, and beyond. Ranking among the Top 10 Insurance Analytics Tech Companies, Insurance CIO Outlook, P&R Dental Strategies is building their reputation in the dental industry by offering top-quality professional claims review servicing with the help of data and analytics. Its actionable intelligence help payers optimize and improve everything from cost to quality of care.  

As the dental industry continues to evolve, dental payers will be searching for unique solutions, which P&R’s industry-leading big data and analytics platform offers. “P&R has positioned itself as the authority on dental quality, data, measurement, analytics and technology,” says Paul T. Sheils, CEO of P&R Dental Strategies. “Thanks to our industry-leading data assets, deep domain experience and highly talented team of professionals, P&R has become the trusted ‘go-to’ source for how dental insurance payers can optimize and improve their operations.” 

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