Revolutionary Insurtech Platform Promising a New Agricultural

By Insurance CIO Outlook | Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Insurtech The new insurtech platform helps in building a digital bridge between insurance providers and farmers by delivering field-centric data, and electronic insurance claims and reporting system.

FREMONT, CA: Farmers Edge, a digital agricultural service provider, launches the industry-first insurtech platform, FarmCommand, for the agricultural industries. It combines the field-level data, remote sensing, AI-driven models, and secure automation technology, to design and deliver new levels of efficiency and transparency for both insurance providers and growers.

FarmCommand, the insurtech platform offers two new solutions- Smart Claim and Smart Reporting. The solutions help meet the changing needs and demands of the customers and the competitive market by bridging the gap between field data collection and reporting. The newly launched platform allows smarter coverage selection, innovative private products, and simplified acreage and production reporting. FarmCommand provides an option to share data directly, thereby, saving time and eliminating data lose. For insurance providers, the newly launched platform offers visibility insight into each farm operation to effectively manage the risk and reduce the administration cost through automated claim prediction, detection, estimation, adjudication, and reporting. The advanced digital platform powers the insurance providers to collect new revenue streams and improve customer relationship by adding value to the products and personalizing the service offerings.

The all-in-one insurtech platform, FarmCommand accesses unprecedented levels of field-centric data sets, automatically integrates the data from multiple sources and provides simplified insights and suggestions for profitable decision-making. Smart Reporting, the integrated solution automatically processes all the planted, applied and harvested data to provide acreage and production reporting, estimations of pre-harvest reviews, benchmarking reports, enhanced analytics and policy change alerts for better fund allocations. Smart Claim delivers the advantage of filed-centric data to provide a suite of decision support tools, which includes Automated Health Change Maps and Notifications, disease and pest models, severe weather forecasting and detection, nitrogen and growth stage models.

Using innovative digital agronomic tools, Farmers Edge delivers a solution to focus on the scalability and increase the sustainable production of high-yielding and high-quality crops. Farmer Edge also offers optimized tools to minimize the environmental impact and protect the economic viability of the farm. The company initiates for significant data transformation into timely and accurate insights to support benefitting decisions and digital solutions.


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