Risk Evaluation Strategy to Place Cyber Insurance on a Sustainable Footing

By Insurance CIO Outlook | Tuesday, August 13, 2019

 Cyber Insurance In today's increasingly complicated and high-risk digital landscape, businesses across all industries recognize the significance of cyber insurance.   

FREMONT, CA: Rapidly increasing demand for cyber insurance provides insurers and reinsurers an enormous business chance, but it also exposes the sector to possibly catastrophic losses. In order to create structures and capacities of risk assessment, risk pricing, and risk transfer, cyber insurance is an opportunity for insurers and reinsurers. The annual gross written premiums are expected to expand from around $2.5 billion today to reach $7.5 billion by the end of the century by 2020, according to PWC's statistical report.

As organizations often seek methods to minimize their economic exposure, cyber insurance policies appear to be a logical move. But insurers are less likely to impose terms and conditions across the board. Instead, they will involve a much more comprehensive evaluation of the vulnerabilities, procedures, risk mitigation solutions, and reaction plans of the policyholder.

In today's increasingly complicated and high-risk digital landscape, businesses across all industries are starting to recognize the significance of cyber insurance. In turn, many insurers and reinsurers are trying to take advantage of what they see as a rare chance in an otherwise soft market to secure high margins. Many others remain cautious about the cyber danger. But how long on the side-lines can they stay? Cyber insurance could quickly become a customer expectation and insurers reluctant to accept it risk losing out on other company if cyber products are not part of their offer. Meanwhile, within their technology, many insurers face significant cyber exposures, mistakes & omissions, overall responsibility, and other current company lines.

 A more informed strategy will allow insurers to decrease uncertain exposures while providing customers with the kinds of coverage and appealing premium rates they are starting to request. Seeking to become a leader in this fast-growing industry is essential to maintaining credibility in the cyber risk industry. If this confidence is compromised and innovative rivals knocking at the door, restoring brand reputation would be profoundly hard. 

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