Solutions Supporting Smart Architecture for Swift Deployment of IoT Devices

By Insurance CIO Outlook | Friday, August 09, 2019

Rich Bolstridge, Chief Strategist, Financial Services

Leveraging the power of exponentially multiplying IoT potentials for businesses with technology-backed solutions holds the key to security and efficiency.

FREMONT, CA: Akamai has launched Edge Cloud, a new series of solutions that operate using its highly functional edge platform to enable swift and secure data and message delivery at scale. The company, which is known for its intelligent and powerful digital solutions, has crafted Edge Cloud to cater to an ever-increasing number of endpoint devices that businesses now possess.  

A vast number of companies across several sectors have favored the deployment of IoT connected devices. To use the endpoints effectively, and harness the enormous quantities of data that the devices have the potential to generate, there has to be secure and robust infrastructure. That is precisely what Akamai's new solutions look to achieve. With Edge Cloud, businesses can look forward to capabilities that will forward their IoT competencies without resource and time-intensive technology upgrades. Low latency interactions with innumerable endpoints and excellent manageability allow businesses to experience connectivity at its best.

With a high amount of focus on providing unique features that can help companies scale, distribute, and accumulate data, Akamai integrates the aspects of safety and efficiency. IoT Edge Connect is a line of products within the Edge Cloud, and it offers versatile solutions that support hundreds of millions of endpoints while reducing battery drainage and optimizing speed. The whole service has a central-global control, thus making it simple to use the all-in-one data stream. Security features are imperative where data transfer happens, and Akamai's solution features end-to-end mutual authentication to bolster standard safety requirements. Also, the service is the only ISO-complaint cloud broker having all three levels of Quality of Service (QoS).

Akamai has found its place in the Top 10 Security System Solution Providers by Insurance CIO Outlook. It has been delivering valuable solutions through its edge platform for its customers. Its comprehensive set of offerings includes everything from the cloud to enterprise and empowers businesses to fare better in speed, security, and revenue generation. The service provider is a global brand, and it equips its clients with tools to enhance performance and gain a competitive advantage in the market. Its customer services are of unmatched standard and highly effective.



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