Strategic Partnership to Standardize Insurance Administration

By Insurance CIO Outlook | Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Phil Reynolds, CEO & Co-Founder

Technological collaboration adding value to the business objectives can boost organizational growth at the global level.  

FREMONT, CA: BriteCore joins the AWS Partner Network (APN) as an advanced technology partner and establishes its long-standing relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The relationship allows the company to offer security, efficiency, and durability to its client at scale. The company leverages the benefits since 2010 while possessing a deeper experience in catering to the client’s business objectives. BriteCore’s team looks forward to the growth of its expertise, integrating them into innovative solutions. “AWS gives customers confidence that BriteCore is built in accordance with industry-wide best practices, making our platform scalable, stable, and secure,” says Phil Reynolds, the CEO of BriteCore.

BriteCore, with AWS-based solutions, can provide businesses with technical, marketing, and go-to-market support to their clients. The software implementation recognizes the ongoing commitment to achieve satisfactory answers and also access the benefits of AWS Cloud. The company can take advantages of additional training and certification opportunities for the existing and new staffs while recognizing and responding to the change. The initiative results in strengthening the BriteCore’s market position and allows it to seek developed and secure solutions instantly with more efficiency and high adaptability. The company’s software allows the customer to enhance through code contribution at the base system.

"We are the only software provider in the industry to encourage code contribution from clients and vendors, which creates a culture of joint investment. Carriers can extend the system’s core functionality through powerful API integrations or stand-alone applications that communicate seamlessly with BriteCore through any web-accessible application or platform. As a result, our customers and staff are highly aligned around common goals,” says Reynolds

BriteCore believes in power collaborations, building valuable relations with customers, vendors, system implementation, advisory, and advocacy. Founded in 2009, BriteCore provides advanced solutions to the property-casualty administration system for insurance. Its core functionality through integrated applications leads BriteCore to rank among Top 10 Policy Administration Solution Providers by Insurance CIO Outlook. The company evolves into a fully managed product suite, which supports a diverse group of insurance carriers, startups, and MGAs. The company’s core value, along with the products, pricing, and development model, are combined to centralize and design continuous enhancement.

BriteCore’ developers continually innovate tech applications, issuing latest tools and processes. The combination of most recent and smart applications produces groundbreaking features for the clients. “BriteCore is constantly praised as a modern, technology-first, cloud-based solution. We maintain this reputation by providing customers with ongoing innovation,” adds Reynolds. The company shall continue to bag success by the fundamental principles of productivity, transparency, quality, leadership, trust, flexibility, sincerity, engineering, and learning.     



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