Sueya.Com Relaunches a Robust Platform to Assist California Landlords Post-Pandemic

Insurance CIO Outlook | Wednesday, June 30, 2021

The popular online site aims to aid in the fight against the impending surge of evictions that will undoubtedly overwhelm the legal system.

FREMONT, CA: has relaunched their renowned self-help tool, allowing individuals and businesses in California to file small claims cases, lawsuits, evictions, and even enforce judgments. The site has got redesigned to include a user-friendly guided questionnaire that automates the preparation and filing of court documents.

Governor Gavin Newsom approved legislation earlier this year to extend the state's groundbreaking eviction moratorium through June 30, 2021. As the deadline approaches, landlords across the state will start submitting eviction notices in frenzy. is in a unique position to help many landlords who, contrary to popular belief, faced severe financial hardship during COVID-19 and left legal recourses. predicts that, in addition to evictions, more individuals and businesses will need to file lawsuits ahead of time to address contract disputes, product and service delays caused by COVID-19 difficulties. Those who were less able to enforce an existing legal decision in California during the pandemic, on the other hand, will be ready to get started. wants to be a resource for these clients because the vast majority of them lack the skills or means to pursue more active enforcement proceedings to recover outstanding judgments., fortunately, provides to examine and manage judgment enforcement on a contingency basis, reducing plaintiffs' financial burden by removing any upfront charges.

Founder and Chief Executive Optimist Takashi Cheng say, "The complexity of the court system in California is a primary deterrent for most individuals and businesses seeking to file suit. We've simplified the process and cater to everyone. We are proud American business owners and believe in 'Delivering Justice' for all. Our system is designed to give you the tools to succeed in a California court, without breaking the bank." plans to add more features in the coming weeks, and its Process of Service platform for volume filers in California was recently approved. For example, clients can quickly upload files to's process servers and monitor the service to defendants with photographs and e-signature. was awarded a service contract by the Los Angeles Child Support Services Department as part of the new initiative, and plans to expand to additional regions and agencies while maintaining the highest level of service.

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