Technology's 3 appreciative Impacts on Social Mobility

By Insurance CIO Outlook | Friday, July 05, 2019

Social MobilityWith the broad acceptance of technology, there are appreciated changes in social mobility and income distribution, which the world is embracing.

FREMONT, CA: The technology which provided instant access to any information or data and created a connected world in terms of communication facilities is playing a significant role in the change of society and social mobility. Read on!

•  Urbanization

Technology has contributed to rebuilding the ways of living. Every day, a large number of inhabitants migrate to cities and towns for a better living. The capability of changing the way of life and the city is only possible by the extraordinary growth of the economic state. Internet facilities have distributed gainful knowledge or education across many rural areas, which turned into their social and economic development.

•  Transport and Communication

The worldwide development in transportation and communication facilities is possible to experience only by advanced technologies. Some of the notable examples of transport communications are bullet trains, ships, and airplanes. But the noteworthy impact can be seen by the reach of these facilities across the interior parts of the world.

•  Economy and Evolutions

The evolution of production industries has changed the economy and social system. It has introduced an intermediary class, the middle class in the society in between the capitalist class and the working class. The technological advancement provided opportunities for individual in various sectors to achieve a better living and economic status. The most effective change of the new world has impacted the social economy through industries like banks, retail system, corporations, etc. The raising economic value enables the individuals or the group to claim their equal and better education opportunities and also easy access to health care facilities.

A great deal above all the advantages of technological innovations and advancement is everyone irrespective of their social background experiences the beneficial effects ensuring the equal distribution of opportunities. The appropriate use of technologies reflects wonders in modern life and will continue to achieve the unexplored possibilities.  

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