Top Tips For Employers to Save on Health Insurance Costs

Insurance CIO Outlook | Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The cost of health insurance is rising, but the good news is that business leaders can rely on strategies to lower spending.

FREMONT, CA: Business health insurance is a significant need. But, cutting costs is a priority for most employers. With premiums soaring, business owners are even asking their employees to shoulder more of the financial burden. Employers seeking to master the art of reducing healthcare spending can consider the following ways.

• Keeping Employees Healthy

An unhealthy workforce will use its insurance more frequently than a healthy one, raising the employee premium the company needs to pay each year. The employees spend the majority of their life at work, so it is essential to encourage them to adopt healthy habits in the workplace to transform overall health. Effective strategies include offering healthy and affordable foods on-site and hosting wellness programs.

• Reducing Coverage and Considering Health Savings Account

Reducing coverage or asking employees to contribute more to the health plan is a smart step to lower costs. The health savings account is an increasingly popular option for the employer because they are tax-exempt accounts. They are used to pay medical expenses and can reduce business health insurance costs while giving employers tax breaks. It benefits healthy employees who do not frequently visit doctors.

• Adding High Deductible Plans

The high deductible has appeal to healthier employees, who don’t anticipate the need for any coverage but in an emergency. By combining high-deductible plans with the availability of health savings accounts, employees can feel relatively well-protected financially, but at a lower cost to both parties.

• Reducing Administrative Cost

The time and labor involved in managing healthcare plans are a burden for any organization. So it is worth looking into software solutions that can help managers save time tracking and reporting healthcare data and attain accuracy in outcomes. Software solutions can be one of the most robust healthcare cost management method at a company’s disposal.

Employers should not be rattled with the healthcare costs continuing to rise. There are methods out there to lower the blow and help companies keep moving.

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