Uncovering Insurance Options for Small Businesses

Insurance CIO Outlook | Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Insurance policies and coverage services can mean a lot in terms of balancing success and failure of a small business. Ensuring that an enterprise is under the right cover stands essential.

FREMONT, CA: company, no matter big or small, rides a lot of risks. It is difficult to foretell the occurrence of events that have the potential to harm a business. In the case of small businesses, it is essential that stakeholders plan and secure themselves with the right insurance policies. A clear understanding of vulnerabilities that a company has is important before opting for coverage so as to optimize the investment and minimize the impact of limited financial resources. The basic types of insurance that small businesses must consider are listed below.

• Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers an owner with defense and damage protection. Every small business has a different set of requirements concerning liability insurance, and a customized policy is a must. 

• Property Insurance

A major chunk of investment in a small business goes into buying or leasing space, furniture, and equipment. Safeguarding these against possibilities like theft, damage due to fire or accident and other such events of mass destruction is vital. If the conditions or location of the setup is particularly vulnerable to certain natural calamities, companies must check its coverage before buying the policy.

• Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Many businesses own vehicles that are used to transport materials, products, or employees. Covering these vehicles under commercial vehicle insurance creates protection against liabilities in case of damages due to accidents.

• Workers’ Compensation

A worker s’ compensation insurance lends coverage to business owners against claims regarding death or injury of employees in the workplace. It also covers wage replacement and medical benefits for the injured employee. Small businesses should make it a point to add this policy as it vital in saving costs and avoiding legal complications.

In addition to the ones mentioned in the list, there are several other policies that businesses might need according to factors specific to their company. Determining the affordability and utility of policies, companies should pick the best plans for themselves.

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