What makes Cloud Computing Impactful for Insurance Providers?

Insurance CIO Outlook | Monday, July 06, 2020

Cloud computing is benefitting the insurance industry in several ways today, paving the way for further modernization.

Fremont, CA: Cloud computing is influencing the insurance industry, bringing several advantages into the internal processes, improving policyholder loyalty, and increased customer acquisition. Cloud computing already has an enormous impact on several sectors in terms of business processes, production dynamics, and relationship management with customers, users, and employees. Some ways in which cloud computing is benefitting the insurance ecosystem are enlisted below.

• Cost Reduction

The biggest advantage of cloud computing systems involves all the financial aspects. Companies with cloud computing systems have been able to cut down on the cost of purchasing hardware and software with the help of on-demand and pay-per-use services. The need for buying local servers and data centers that occupy physical space and consume electricity throughout the day are thus eliminated. Cloud computing systems quicken access to plentiful computing resources allowing businesses to be more flexible with its on-demand services without expensive hardware or software investment.

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Top 10 Policy Administration Solution Companies - 2019• Customer Acquisition

Cloud computing enables users to accumulate and analyze data. On a more detailed note, it is a question of tracking the details users leave behind on the web. Once customer traces have been gathered through an omnichannel approach, it can be easier to identify the biggest opportunities and to carry out segmentation for tailored or personalized target actions. This data-driven strategy is a very efficient way to obtain new customers.

• Customer Satisfaction

Results of studies point at the fact that acquiring a customer is much more costly than retaining one using a satisfactory customer experience policy. This implies why companies are investing more resources and attention in the domain of customer services. Here, the idea is to improve customer engagement and gain customer loyalty so as to initiate effective up-selling or cross-selling efforts. While having an interaction with customers, addressing every customer differently based on their different peculiarities and demands can help increase customer’s trust. Companies can understand their customers more deeply by utilizing the opportunities and power of cloud computing.

Insurance companies are today considering the services from companies that specialize in both cloud and personalization services.

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