Why It's Beneficial To Use Text Message Marketing In Insurance Sector

Insurance CIO Outlook | Friday, April 01, 2022

Text message marketing has grown increasingly useful to companies. Marketers are using text messaging as among their customer-reach techniques.

Fremont, CA: The insurance industry is a subset of the service industry. Customers' lives, homes, health, and vehicles are all protected by insurance firms and brokers. Their job requires them to engage with consumers regularly. Customers must be given information about their products and services. They must supply policy papers as well as other information. While e-mail may be helpful, text messages have a greater response rate (nearly 46 percent ). In addition, spam filters on mail servers may stop marketing mailings.

SMS may be helpful for more than just sending messages; it can also get used for interactivity. It is capable of two-way communication. Customers can respond to messages and request information. Keywords can get used to automate this process. Text messaging is accomplished by using SMS software that can recognize keywords and deliver automatic responses. It facilitates communication between businesses and consumers.

Advantages of using text messaging for insurance

Offer new products

Existing clients might be contacted whenever the insurance provider introduces new policies. An SMS may get sent with brief information on the product and its benefits—an MMS containing a photo of the brochure or a link to the website. A call to action can be included in the message, urging the client to reply.

Send reminders

Customers should be issued reminders about the premium payment deadline, the date the policy will expire, the policy's condition, etc. All of this information may be provided as SMS reminders or alerts. It can get automated without the need for human interaction. Customers will be more aware of their policy's status as a result of this.

Handle service issues

Any client concerns, complaints, or questions may be readily resolved by SMS. The inquiry could be received, and an answer could get delivered right away. It guarantees that consumers receive prompt service, which is critical for keeping them pleased.

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