Zurich Insurance Gets ready to Help Businesses Tackle the Deadly Hurricane Joaquin

Insurance CIO Outlook | Monday, October 05, 2015

SCHAUMBURG, IL: Natural disaster can be devastating in today’s time of unforeseen climatic turmoil. With the latest hurricane Joaquin hovering over trying to wreck havoc, Zurich Insurance has come up with a strategy to assist business owners in dealing with last minute risk assessment and quick fixes. Minted as a 1000 year event, the deadly Joaquin is rumored to create severe flooding, which could threaten cities all along the east coast.

Zurich, primarily engages the commercial business hazards, and hence providing guidelines to control losses across various sectors like hurricanes and tropical storms and also heavy flooding. With the guidelines issued in place; Zurich aims to help customers for insurance with its claim management, and businesses can file for their respective claims.

In a proactive step, the guidelines help in last minute operation that can bring in personal safety, protection of critical information, and execution of business continuity actions to channelize physical supply chain and infrastructure.

The instruction includes addressing the needs of: critical data and personnel safety, shifting of essential equipment such as computer equipment and other electronics to higher platforms to protect from flooding; promote work from home and limiting non-essential travels.

Apart from these, it also included basic disaster mitigation instructions like cleaning drainage areas and taking help of localities to clear the septic systems before the storm hit; examining the working condition of water supplies, fire pumps, sprinklers, fire alarms and extinguisher for taking measure against fire protection systems; and being prepared with important stocks and equipments covered with waterproof tarps.

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