Information technology has helped streamline insurance sales operations on a global scale. With many companies embracing the idea of opening online and mobile insurance portals, strategies for reaching consumers have taken a multi-pronged approach. However, operating multiple channels presents CIOs with new challenges like providing secure and compliant payment channels and a good user experience. Today, consumers are demanding a richer service experience from insurance providers, who face the risk of losing clients if they are unable to meet the needs. Paymentus, a Charlotte, NC-based firm, has been addressing these challenges through their unified bill-payment platform. “Customer experience is the guiding principle in our relationship with both carriers and policy holders. It is not just about the look and feel of the user interface, but also the ability to create an efficient and positive experience to foster greater user adoption,” says Jerry Portocalis, Senior Vice President, Paymentus.

We offer an innovative platform that combines industry leading features and usability with unmatched security and stability

The firm’s flagship payment platform comes with a host of innovative benefits for insurance providers to cater to policy holders and engage them in unique and innovative ways. Insurance providers, who avail services from Paymentus, can send customized notifications to consumers reminding them of upcoming policy payments, cross selling promotions and account notification. In addition, the Paymentus platform delivers a consistent user experience across all channels and mobile devices. “To deliver an optimal customer experience, it is important to give policy holders options that allow them to view and pay bills using the channel that suits them,” says Portocalis. The company’s electronic bill presentment and payment system is geared to deliver robust security and improve customer engagement.

Jerry Portocalis, Senior Vice President , paymentus pci compliant nextgen payment platformJerry Portocalis, Senior Vice President
Paymentus also leverages big data analytics to discern usage trends and improve the functionality of the platform. Incorporating additional technology like mobility, the company maintains the versatility of the platform and helps in engaging customers with a multi-channel, mobile bill-payment solution. “Mobility allows policy holders to make a payment when and how it is convenient for them—be it via text, email, browser, app, or voice,” says Portocalis.

The fully-hosted payment platform is both Payment Card Industry (PCI) and SSAE compliant. “We provide payment security and PCI compliance by completely removing payment data from our client’s networks and processes, giving them a reduced PCI footprint,” says Portocalis. In doing so, Paymentus’ clients have been able to focus their resources on supporting the core process of their businesses.

As an example, with the Paymentus platform in place, an insurance carrier was able to grow its policy base and increase the adoption of online payments within their consumer circles. “Our client was able to improve customer satisfaction, address their need to reduce operating costs, and achieve PCI and SSAE compliance,” explains Portocalis.

Similar cases have been experienced by many of Paymentus’ clients and Portocalis attributes this to the company’s in-depth experience in electronic billing and payment technology that has been honed over a decade. “We offer an innovative platform that combines industry leading features and usability with unmatched security and stability,” states Portocalis.

For the future, Paymentus continues to execute on delivering on their short and long term product roadmap to ensure their clients and customers always benefit from the latest that technology has to offer. “Our focus in being a leader, extensive investment in ongoing R&D and listening to our clients and customers ensures a strong future pipeline of market-valued products,” concludes Portocalis.