QOMPLX: Reimagining Complexity

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Jason Crabtree, CEO & Co-Founder, QOMPLXJason Crabtree, CEO & Co-Founder
"I think the next century will be the century of complexity." – Stephen Hawking

The commercial world has become too complicated with the increased amount of data, which poses to be a big challenge for most enterprises. Today, enterprises need a whole new standard of technological capabilities that can easily manage the vast volumes and types of data, AI/machine learning, cloud computing, and other such advancements to make better decisions for their businesses. That's where QOMPLX comes into the scenario by embracing the complexities so that clients don't have to. The company integrates, contextualizes, and analyzes data from virtually any source to help clients identify operational risk and inefficiencies throughout the enterprise.

QOMPLX's story began in 2015 with an intend to harness complexity for every client. With capabilities including analytics, data handling, simulations, machine learning, and advanced algorithms and reporting, QOMPLX has been able to meet clients' challenges in making better and faster decisions.

The QOMPLX team comprises over 100 radical inventors, master engineers, visionary computer scientists, data virtuosos and creative, passionate minds of every stripe. Together they built a system called QOMPLX OS – a human+AI operating system to optimize real-world decision-making. The company integrates all disparate data sources into QOMPLX OS, a unified analytics infrastructure to provide the insights needed to streamline nearly any conceivable workflow or business process. QOMPLX OS powers QOMPLX's decision making in insurance underwriting, cybersecurity, and quantitative finance.

QOMPLX offers insurance solutions that boost confidence and trust in risk decisions. One of their most sought after products in insurance, Q: INSURANCE is an entirely integrated, data-driven decision-making platform.

The platform combines all efforts across the insurance value chain, including underwriting and referrals, risk management, pricing, and reinsurance sourcing. With advanced analytics models and real-time data solutions, Q: INSURANCE is transforming decision-making in insurance through Underwriting-as-a-Service (UWaaS). It is a context-driven decision platform that's designed to simplify underwriting and risk management capabilities. With UWaaS, underwriters get a full suite of information required for quoting, denying, deferring, or binding a risk within a short period.

"QOMPLX OS powers QOMPLX's decision making in insurance underwriting, cybersecurity, and quantitative finance"

Moreover, modeling/actuarial requirements, accumulation and portfolio management, and the final delivery of supporting documentation also are included within the capacities of this platform. Routine decisions are automated to allow underwriters to bring their attention upon outliers. The company's human-made peril models simplify risk assessment and reduce the time from quote to binding coverage.

Q: INSURANCE also provides a robust ecosystem that helps customers to manage and launch highly specialized MGA (Managing General Agency) offerings. Integrations with broker and carrier portals enable efficient information on price and transfer of risk.

Q: INSURANCE decision platform provides the context and proper visibility required for an MGA. The platform's analytic capabilities and data management enable an MGA to offer highly bespoke cover within and across a wide range of natural or human-made perils and risk models. The Q: INSURANCE decision platform leverages human-machine learning to transform decision-making. The platform built on advanced algorithms and modeling tools is backed by industry experts in underwriting, actuarial, and broker experience. The key benefits of the platform include high-powered query and reporting functionality driven by a superior management platform and a unified data model. The platform also offers precious capabilities for analysis such as health monitoring, bias and performance reporting, model cross-validation, and many other state-of-the-art features and functionalities.

With the vision to harness complexity for everyone, QOMPLX's insurance solutions are at the forefront of driving confidence and trust in risk decisions.