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Home and Auto Insurance business demands for advanced statistical and analytical skills to evaluate risks and returns relating to each insurance proposal. Competitive Pricing analysis, Computing the risk and premiums, marks the success of any insurance company which requires constant and in-depth study of the market as well as new trends. Handling this Big Data could be time consuming and labor expensive, thereby eyeing for a sophisticated solution provider. Quadrant Information Services, headquartered at Lankford Lane Gallatin, TN has been a leading provider of enterprise-wide insurance solutions for the past two decades, providing fast and accurate information through their web-based applications InsureWatch and MapPro7. "Our objective is to deliver accurate and timely data through easy to use web applications like InsureWatch", says Michael Macauley, CEO Quadrant Information Services.

Our objective is to deliver accurate and timely data through easy to use web applications like InsureWatch

InsureWatch, designed for actuarial and competitive pricing analysis, provides a detailed, accurate and reliable set data helping replace traditional time consuming and labor-intensive analysis process. The software performs competitive analysis 80 times faster and enables access to over 20,000 rate sets, updated weekly, with over 99 percent accuracy. Additionally it conducts in-depth trend analysis with reports dating back to 2003. Reports will be generated automatically and sent on a monthly basis. By rapidly delivering data and reports, InsureWatch enables clients to pay attention to analyzing competitive data, rather than creating them. The product is coupled with tools enabling effective decision making based on powerful insight and market intelligence. Moreover, the flagship product allows end users to download competitive reports promptly and securely from any computer or tablet with internet access. "InsureWatch is the perfect solution for today's carriers.

CIO VendorMichael Macauley, CEO
You can access and download your reports from your iPad or other device at any time", adds Michael Macauley.

Quadrant’s other product, MapPro7 Enable data access to more than six million online shoppers making way to perform demographic analysis and to generate premium analyses. The product offers maximum flexibility to develop client specific, custom reports and add new markets, variables, base rates and relativity factors. This helps comparing a proposed filling, against the client’s current rates to the current competitors operating in the same state. MapPro7 has a unique combination of tools to present Big Data, ranging from marketing reports to high level analytics, in a pre-formatted template through graphs and supporting data tables. The solution also features a state of the art geographic data analytics, powered by Google Maps technology, displaying opportunity areas and vulnerabilities to provide intuitive guidance for rate strategies.

Quadrant tops the information market, in terms of utilizing Big Data, by conducting thorough research and programming, rating QA and manual rate validation to guarantee the most accurate and timely information available. Apart from efficiently providing solutions, Quadrant offers outstanding customer service, including unlimited onsite and online training through dedicated support staff. To address specific business needs, Quadrant’s actuarial and technical staff is all set to work directly with the clients. They also assist in developing custom applications and reports.

Quadrant looks forward on winning the right way through commitment to integrity and responsibility making information technology readily available on the fingertips. The company also works toward making Big Data surfing simpler and easies. The company people demonstrate their winning culture everyday through the positive, supportive and meaningful relationships they create with the customers and team members.