STOPit: Mitigating Behavior Based Liability Claims

Neil Hooper, Chief Revenue Officer, STOPitNeil Hooper, Chief Revenue Officer
Be it K12, higher education or the workplace, the seriousness and extensiveness of behavior-based claims in the form of harassment, intimidation, fraud and abuse are increasingly common causes of preventable liability issues. For youth, bullying is leading to suicidal ideation to the point that suicide is now the second-leading cause of death among teenagers. As we have seen across the recent news cycles, when it comes to intimidating behavior, victims and witnesses are afraid to voice out their problems through fear of retribution. Even with this mounting evidence of liability exposure, most education and workplace institutions tend to take a reactive approach to these problems rather than a proactive approach to mitigate the activity and increasingly expensive exposure to risk. In an effort to transform this scenario, STOPit has invested in extensive research to design a user-friendly mobile application, allowing individuals to easily and anonymously report events to their administration and create a climate that prevents inappropriate behavior. “As a risk mitigation company, our goal is to both reduce the number of incidents and deter them from ever happening. This reduces claims and benefits everyone—the end users, their organizations and the insurance companies,” says Neil Hooper, Chief Revenue Officer at STOPit Solutions.

With a user friendly mobile app connected to the STOPit platform, individuals are empowered to instantly and anonymously connect with those who can resolve issues. The app also equips administrators with a powerful system which supports anonymous two-way communication with incident reporters, as well as a host of tools designed to save time and help conduct an effective and efficient investigation. Incident reports are tagged based on carious defining parameters and tracked nationally. “We now have the largest database of behavior based reports being recorded in various locations across the country,” says Hooper.

As a risk mitigation company, our goal is to both reduce the number of incidents and deter them from ever happening

STOPit’s mobile app captures valuable metadata by type, account type and other criteria to help predict if it may lead to a claim. This enables insurance partners to know when and where to deploy helpful resources for the insured members experiencing problems.

From a restorative perspective, the company also provides APIs to allow clients to integrate with other back end systems like enterprise resource management and restorative technique models. Operationally, the app informs the insured member with intelligent alerts to notify regarding a repeated action, individuals or locations being identified numerous times, and other detailed information. “With STOPit, the insured can address inappropriate behaviors early on, before they lead to a claim or litigation,” he adds.

STOPit has been instrumental in identifying and putting an end to numerous cases of harassment, bullying and vandalism in schools and workplaces. This has opened up new avenues of areas such as law enforcement for the company where they empower citizens to speak up about bad behavior happening anywhere in their community. Recently, Somerset County in NJ has deployed the app for law enforcement across the county where users can have a real time, two way anonymous chat with officers for incidents like violence, threats and weapons. The information is then investigated by the appropriate departments. Additionally, law enforcement agencies can use the app to send out alerts or requests for information from the citizens.

STOPit is set to expand the features of its mobile app for both the users as well as administrators. The company is also focusing on internationalization of the solution by expanding into global markets while meeting their security and privacy needs. To cater to the needs of insurance companies, STOPit is planning to deliver analytical dashboards to help them analyze reporting and trending information easily.