The Floow: Delivering Safer and Smarter Mobility

Andy Goldby, CPO, The FloowAndy Goldby, CPO
As a 15-year entrepreneur in the industry, Aldo Monteforte has been partnering with a team of telematics experts for more than five years, inspired by the mission of making individual mobility safer and smarter for everyone.

‘Our purpose stems from the observation that modern mobility is rife with expensive inefficiencies. The worst of these are the millions of deaths and injuries arising from road accidents, a tragedy that hits the younger generations most of all. Road accidents are the leading cause of death for young people. Since establishing The Floow in 2012, we’ve been harnessing sensors, software and data to enable the insurance and automotive industries to address this issue. We now have a growing team of more than 100 passionate professionals and have accumulated billions of data miles which allow us to train our scores against millions of claims on behalf of a large global portfolio of insurance clients,” says Monteforte.

A winner of the UK’s prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category, The Floow is now a world leader in telematics data management; supporting leading insurers around the world with predictive analytics and digital end-user propositions that increase customer engagement and loyalty.

The firm has pioneered device neutrality (using fitted boxes, OBD devices or smartphones) to efficiently capture mobility data and produce contextual scores to understand a driver’s actual behavior. By combining data science expertise with social science, The Floow allows insurance companies to consider individual risk very accurately and deliver engaging propositions for drivers that help to promote better driving behavior and reduce accidents.

Recording and analyzing billions of driver miles, The Floow provides extensive, accurate data which can be used by insurers to reward customers for safer driving. “It’s a win-win for everyone.

Our insurance clients benefit from fewer claims and more granularity and accuracy in how they price risk and policies, whilst policy-holder know that their premium reflects their real driving behavior and that they have new tools and insights to help improve it,” says Monteforte.

Since inception we’ve been harnessing sensors, software and data to enable the insurance and automotive industries make mobility safer and smarter

The Floow’s telematics systems also offer a unique opportunity to incentivize improvement via “in-app” rewards and providing tailored educational feedback on key behavioral aspects such as mobile device distraction, speed and aggressive acceleration and deceleration, all which have an impact on road safety. This feedback can also be provided via a series of telephone sessions with a trained coach. Results show that each coach prevents an accident every week.

In terms of data security and systems integration, the Floow takes great care to meet the needs of their partners. “We focus on providing a securely encrypted back-end data storage and analytics platform with an easy to use integration option with any data-gathering device,” says Monteforte. This allows insurers to achieve a full end-to-end system that can work independently or integrated with their current systems, without having to make significant IT changes.

The firm’s expertise in innovating sophisticated new digital propositions makes The Floow a strong partner for Insurers that aspire to accurate pricing, greater road safety, and more cost-effective mobility. The firm holds enduring relationships with insurers like Liberty Mutual, AAA and Plymouth Rock, and is passionate about ensuring their clients succeed in the market.

The Floow has recently unveiled an award-winning peer to peer (p2p) car sharing platform, to help meet the changing mobility demands of insurers and drivers alike. Innovations like this demonstrate that the company remains focused on leading the industry at the bleeding edge of telematics. A new office in Detroit represents the next stage of The Floow’s expansion and talent investment into North America, adding to capabilities in the UK, mainland Europe and China.