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"We are a partnership-oriented program underwriter that respects the needs and demands of our partners,” begins Andy O’Brien, the CEO and president of Trean Corporation. As a company dedicated to providing quality insurance management, fronting relationships, consulting, reinsurance placement, program partnerships, and claims services, that statement may seem par for the course. So how does Trean Corporation manage to provide the breadth of options and expertise that can only be found in a large corporation? The secret sauce is very simple, as O’Brien puts it— “We truly listen to our partners.”

Trean Corporation formed in 1996, and the purchase of Benchmark Insurance Company in 2003, followed by American Liberty Insurance Company, allowed Trean to become what it is today: a full-service, insurance management company. With a seasoned and creative group of insurance, reinsurance, claims, and regulatory professionals, Trean Corporation and their affiliate insurance services related companies have a wide range of customizable products on hand for those entities searching for real solutions. That’s where O’Brien’s team comes in: “We consult on all aspects of insurance operations.” This extensive experience means several independent experts work together on behalf of clients. Through disciplined, hands-on underwriting, claims and loss control expertise, unbiased advice, and analytical expertise, O’Brien’s team gives clients efficient and innovative services to make long-lasting and successful partnerships. “Our program partners have been with us for an average of 12 years,” O’Brien states, “Our combined loss ratio over the last five years has been between 74% and 75.6%.” And in May of this year, A.M. Best rewarded Benchmark Insurance Company for years of hard work by upgrading them to an “A” Stable rating.

Trean, through Benchmark and American Liberty, have strived to establish quality, long-term, equally beneficial partnerships with MGAs, MGUs, insurance companies, and captives, who are seeking to grow their businesses and expand into territories in which they are not currently licensed, and/ or they need a risk-sharing partner.

We are a partnership-oriented program underwriter that respects the needs and demands of our partners

The company provides immediate access to growth opportunities through fronting relationships with Benchmark and works with clients to evaluate and implement structures best suited for the program. “Our experienced staff hold the key. We help our partners capitalize on their opportunities,” mentions O’Brien. Trean Corporation emphasises customer service, and through its disciplined and hands-on approach to insurance management, Trean Corporation combines big company experience with small company appreciation for its partners.

At the core, Trean Corporation is “an independent company with a start-up culture,” says O’Brien. A big part of Trean Corporation’s and Benchmark Insurance Company’s success is taking the time to listen to potential and current partners, understand their unique needs, and use that information to aid in the formation, growth, and profitability of their operations, without distribution conflicts. Unique to Trean is the wide variety of services in one place: management, reinsurance placement, claims, risk-sharing, and actuarial expertise, to name a few. Having carved its unique niche, O’Brien notes Trean Corporation has grown rapidly in the last five years and will continue to expand in the near future. “Right now, we are making a huge investment in our infrastructure such that we can help our partners in an even better way,” concludes O’Brien, which shows Trean’s commitment to its business strategy: Trean Corporation is more than an insurance management company, it is a partner.

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Trean Corporation

Wayzata, MN

Andrew O'Brien, President and CEO

Trean Corporation is uniquely integrated to provide insurance management services, insurance and reinsurance consulting, and underwriting and administrative services for a variety of carriers and captives. Since 1996, Trean Corporation has delivered exceptional value and customer service through experience, technical abilities, and creativity. Trean has several distinct specialty subsidiaries and affiliates, giving us the advantage of being big enough to deliver solutions, but small enough to provide individual attention