Us4U: Delivering Complete Control for Claims Management

Yasir Anwar, CEO, Us4UYasir Anwar, CEO
For any organization, keeping their unemployment insurance costs low is necessary to maintain business health. Previously, the traditional ‘fix’ to assure this was by hiring Third Party Administrators (TPA) to remove the burden of dealing with UI and have a professional claim management system. Over the years, TPA services have become expensive without changing their basic service philosophy and employers often did not get desired results. CIOs are looking for functional software that could slash the cost of utilizing outside resources while concurrently educating and using the talents of in-house staff. Anticipating this need long time ago, the founders of Us4U started the company with the idea of creating a software program for small employers that would put them on a level playing field with larger employers who use TPAs to process their claims. This vision led to the creation of an application which gave employers the ability to process their claims at all levels of adjudication and track their status through activity reports.

“Our software is absolutely beneficial to businesses aiming for effective unemployment cost control and provides them the freedom required to self-administer all claim activity and maintain complete control of their UI costs,” says, Yasir Anwar, CEO, Us4U. Us4U’s UCA-Lite solution enables small employers to process and manage unemployment claims through a web-based application that is accessible at all times, user friendly, and secure. Us4U hosts the application and data in a highly safeguarded data center.

Early on, the need for ongoing contact between the TPAs and employers was excessive throughout the life cycle of the claim as TPAs required additional information to answer the latest agency requests and fulfill their contractual obligations with employers.

We use OCR technology in conjunction with an in-house application to extract data from the claim forms and directly feed that data into UCA 360

To curtail this, US4U designed the UCA 360 software that houses all the relevant data for the users to access through the app for reviewing history and updating the claim. The same users can view all the data without having to call or write the employer to obtain the needed information. “UCA 360 allows the user to be totally independent by removing the ‘middle man back and forth’ required when using TPAs,” says Anwar.

Recently, the US Dept of Labor and NASWA (National Association of State Workforce Agencies) developed UI SIDES, a program designed to bring uniformity in States’ claim data requirements, formats, time limits and adjudication processes. This program had to be performed electronically either via server to server or through an E-response alternative program for employers who were unwilling to customize their computer interface with the agencies. Recognizing the costs involved for employers to do this customization, US4U created its own SIDES interface within the application to enable users to be immediately compliant with State agency requirements. “This literally saved employers thousands of dollars in programming costs,” cites Anwar.

Us4U has compiled over 1500 claim related forms from all 52 states and uses these forms as templates to extract claim data using the Extractor 360. “We use OCR technology in conjunction with an in-house application to extract data from the claim forms and directly feed that data into UCA 360,” cites Anwar.

Presently, Us4U is developing Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) that will allow employers to receive tax credits based on hiring certain eligible groups of people designated by the federal government. “We are also working on another project to help employers verify employment of their employees though system automation,” concludes Anwar.