XSOLCORP: Modernize, Extend, and Future-Proof your Investment

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Garry Fenton, CEO, XSOLCORPGarry Fenton, CEO
XSOLCORP, a boutique consultancy that provides technology services for life insurance companies, represents the classic case of life coming full circle. Originating as CAPSCO, a small Canadian insurance software company later rebranded as SOLCORP, the organization was purchased by Electronic Data Systems (EDS) in 1997 and subsequently acquired by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) in 2009. Having endured the entire journey from CAPSCO to HPE, a contingent of employees including Garry Fenton concluded that the internal processes of large companies impede their ability to wholeheartedly service clients. As a result, Fenton and his colleagues decided to form XSOLCORP and institutionalize core values that would forge symbiotic, long-lasting relationships with customers. XSOLCORP operates with minimal overheads and a streamlined internal process that allows the company to focus on each customer and prioritize their every need. “After undergoing years of organizational change and layering of internal processes, we formed XSOLCORP with the sole focus of providing outstanding customer service. Unlike big companies, we can react quickly, understand the customer’s specific needs, and offer creative solutions while demonstrating value at every interaction. As a service company, we provide high-value, honest, and reference-worthy services,” says Fenton, CEO, XSOLCORP.

The value of honesty is demonstrated daily in XSOLCORP’s services for the insurance landscape, which include project estimation; planning and management; business and technical consulting for new product launches, regulatory/compliance updates, platform migrations, and more. Rather than asking clients to abandon legacy applications—the norm in today’s digital economy—XSOLCORP devises creative methods to help its customers integrate these applications seamlessly into their digital strategy.

By consolidating multiple blocks of businesses into one administration system, XSOLCORP helps its customers reduce operational and administration costs, improve time to market and, most importantly, improve customer experience. “Our message to clients is simple—we modernize, extend, and futureproof your investment. Our customers are using applications that they’ve invested a lot of time, money, and energy into modifying to achieve a competitive advantage. We ensure that customers don’t discard their investment,” explains Fenton.

In addressing issues and challenges faced by the insurance industry, XSOLCORP undertakes a myriad of projects, ranging from small consulting engagements to complex project management and support. Operating with the strong belief that some legacy applications are still viable and relevant, XSOLCORP supports organizations running popular policy administration applications such as INGENIUM, CAPSIL, and related systems. The team is uniquely knowledgeable in these applications. Prior to forming XSOLCORP, Fenton and his colleagues were instrumental in the development, marketing, and deployment of INGENIUM and CAPSIL applications over 35 years. “XSOLCORP solutions essentially put wrappers around the applications and the client’s business functions, so they can be consumed as services. By putting logic around those wrappers, we integrate a new set of process workflows to optimize and expedite processing. The idea is to reduce interaction, administration, and acquisition costs per (insurance) policy,” says Fenton. XSOLCORP has also developed a UI overlay providing an intuitive, ultra-modern look and feel. It sits atop the client’s legacy app extending accessibility to all browser-enabled devices including tablets and phones.

In recent years, the company’s focus has expanded from ensuring a customer’s backend process runs smoothly, to delivering the top-notch user experience. To this end, XSOLCORP has recruited leading domain experts onto its team and established strategic partnerships with technology companies specializing in INGENIUM, CAPSIL, PathFinder, and ProductXpress. This expertise enables XSOLCORP to expand its support of clients in leveraging the value of their existing administration systems and their integration into an evolving ecosystem. “Our roadmap entails new technology partnerships and designing creative solutions for clients who want to leverage, extend, and get more value out of their existing applications,” concludes Fenton.

The name XSOLCORP is a representation of ex-SOLCORP employees.