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Thomas Warsop, Chairman & CEO, YorkThomas Warsop, Chairman & CEO
It’s fair to say that most people aim to be productive members of society, and would like to leave a positive impact on the world. That’s at the heart of York’s mission: to reduce risk and get people and organizations back to health, work and productivity. Thomas Warsop, York’s chairman and CEO, explains, “Everything we do is geared toward doing good for society as a whole.” Whether an employee is injured at work or an organization suffers a catastrophic loss, York is committed to serving its clients with compassion and consistency. By making the claims-handling process better, faster, more efficient and more effective, York is multiplying the benefits to people in general.

As a leading risk solutions provider, York serves corporations, the insurance industry and public entities. The global company provides integrated and customized solutions including risk management, claims administration, managed care and absence management. By helping their clients better understand their exposures and prevent losses, York works to optimize risk coverage, reduce loss frequency and severity, and match premiums to exposures; they also offer captive insurance programs and pool administration. When claims do happen, York’s adjusters and claims professionals act quickly, and have the specialized experience to handle all lines of liability, regardless of the claim’s complexity. They also take a holistic approach to managed care—one that provides the right clinical case manager, provider network, treatment review and medical bill review—in order to improve efficiencies and lower the cost of workers’ compensation claims.

Everything we do is geared toward doing good for the society as a whole

York’s absence management solution, strives to get employees back to work sooner, while keeping organizations fully compliant with federal and state leave policies.

In late 2018, York relaunched their brand with a new look and feel, and a renewed commitment to leading the conversation about changes on the horizon for the risk and insurance industry. This transformation includes creating a unique brand experience, a need to appeal to the next generation of workers, and embracing automation in order to get clients the best possible outcome at a reasonable cost. To do this, the company is investing in both people—client services, sales and claims professionals—and technology, including data analytics. These areas of investment will drive more strategic client relationships, greater collaboration and increased efficiencies for better outcomes.

And the industry is taking note. In one example, a city government was working with a competitor of York’s and facing challenges with getting their employees back to work quickly and smoothly after an injury took them off the job. By going beyond the numbers and taking a people-centric approach, York was able to ascertain that the public entity lacked clear and transparent communication with their injured workers. Once York took over, they immediately put a provider-rating system in place, which gave injured workers a more direct line of communication with their providers and quicker access to the services they needed most. This small but powerful change in perspective helped the city take better care of their employees, give them more support and peace of mind, and subsequently, get them back to health, work and productivity faster.

In 2019, York was named to Forbes’ list of America’s Best Midsize Employers for a third consecutive year. And they show no signs of slowing down; Warsop and his teams are “all in,” determined to create results their clients can see and feel, and standing firmly behind every good outcome.